What’s on my plate? A fish pie.

We are now into Wellington on a Plate season here, a month long celebration of food, with events, special dishes, burgers and cocktails. There is something for everyone whether vegan or confirmed carnivore, and at different price points too. Long term readers will remember me writing about different meals and events we have gone to in the past. New readers, let me welcome you to WOAP!

This year, participating restaurants in the Dine Wellington category in the first half of the month, are creating dishes using as inspirations stories about Wellington. As it says on the website:

Dine Festival dishes have been inspired by Wellington’s history, weather, topography, architecture, sculptures, people and personal experiences of Wellington, and stories are told via the medium of kai – through ingredients, plating, colours and textures. 

It all sounds like a great theme with interesting possibilities. For non Kiwis, kai is the Māori word for food.

Today I decided to go to a favourite place of mine for lunch, Pickle and Pie, to try their Kai Moana Meets Pastry entry in the Dine section (moana means sea or ocean). Situated on Lombard Street, Pickle and Pie has lots of great baked goods, pies, deli style food and also sell their own pickles, chutneys and jams as you can see below.

The dish was inspired by the fresh seafood found along the city’s south coast, and produce was sourced from a sustainable fishery based in the Waiarapa. The flaky pastry pie was filled with smoked bacon and kahawai (a fish, apparently called Australian salmon in that country) in a creamy sauce, and served with a beurre blanc (in the little jug), a micro-greens herb salad and pickled pāua. Pāua is a type of abalone. The top of the pie was sprinkled with fennel seed, which also complemented the fennel in the salad.

Verdict: very delicious, lovely sauce, a great fish pie.

Would I recommend? Yes if you like pies, fish and bacon.

This is my entry into August’s What’s on Your Plate bloggers challenge. Thanks to Deb’s World for introducing me to this monthly event, hosted by Retirement Reflections and The Widow Badass Blog

You can find Thistles and Kiwis on Facebook, and also on Instagram@thistleandkiwis.  As for Twitter….am totally inactive these days.  If you want to get in touch, email me on thistlesandkiwis@gmail.com


  1. Yum, that pie looks absolutely amazing!! You had me drooling all over my keyboard! 😀
    Thank you for contributing to What’s On Your Plate – August Edition. I have added your link to my post, which goes live at 12:01 am Wednesday, BC time (2 hours from now). See you there!

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  2. Oh my goodness, that fish and bacon pie looks absolutely delicious. I had a wonderful fish pie in a busy, but very good restaurant along the waterfront…a happy memory!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gosh – I just love this take on a fish pie … looks so so good – amazing – I’ll enjoy seeing your entries … cheers Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Can I just say oh my! That looks (and sounds) so good. This place is going on my list for when I can travel to Wellington again! I do like a fish pie.

    Liked by 1 person

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