This week’s small pleasures #244

I wasn’t sure where to begin with this week’s small pleasures – sunny days? Or should I mention getting dates for both my Covid-19 vaccinations (I know!!)? There was an interesting chat at a jeweller about a repair to a ring (which may cost me a small fortune, but let’s see, he is getting me a quote) and a browse in a second hand bookshop. Even though I am not particularly interested in the Olympic Games, I couldn’t help but celebrate the gold medals for New Zealand athletes in rowing and the women’s rugby sevens. There was also a bronze for Dame Valerie Adams in the shot put, who is also the first Kiwi to win a medal at four consecutive Olympic Games.

On Friday, I took a walk down to the City Art Gallery at lunch time and caught the last day of Every Artist, an exhibition of “local, national, and international artists who rethink, remap, queer, and even gamify the history of art.” As you can imagine, it was a real mix of works with a few things to make you think. In any case, it was a lovely interlude in the working day. The featured image at the top of the post, the one above and the one below which is of the gallery, were all taken on Friday.

And so to food…a good sandwich brought from home one lunch time, a perfect avocado and a Saturday morning treat of scrambled eggs on toast, are a few things I enjoyed this week. There were shiitake mushrooms on toast with creamy garlic spinach for a quick Saturday meal before going out, a bowl of spaghetti carbonara at our local Italian, Cosa Nostra on Thursday, and a bento box with all sorts of lovely things for lunch at Tatsushi. In the shopping basket this week, there were oranges, silver beet, yams (oca), limes, fennel, celeriac and a piece of Over the Moon goat blue cheese. Finally, I seem to have a thing about making scones on Saturdays….this time I made Victoria scones, which you make in a round and cut into triangles. I had mine with apricot jam.

On Saturday, I went to the latest evening of dance from the Royal New Zealand Ballet. The first piece was Paquita, a 19th century classic that allows dancers to show off their virtuosity and technique. Laurynas Vėjalis was particularly outstanding as the main male dancer. The second piece was a new version of Firebird, with choreography by Choreographer in Residence, Loughlan Prior, and design by Tracy Grant Lord. The stage set was a dystopian world, where people have to scavenge and water is in short supply. In this version of the ballet, the firebird offers redemption and the possibility of a new start for mankind. It was good to see a new piece, especially made for the company, and great dancing from the principal dancers.

So, that is me for this week except to say that this Monday morning I opened Instagram stories and saw my great nephew take his first few steps, holding on to a walker. Now that brought a smile to my face to start the week! What were your small pleasures? Here are some other blog posts from fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life.

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  1. Interesting art, sunny days, delicious food, dance, and baby first steps…They’re indeed lovely small pleasures. Thank you for the mention and for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  2. My small pleasures include seeing a brief video of two grand nephews living in England; having a long video chat with two granddaughters living in Norway; talking to my daughter in Cape Town; walking along the top of our local hill to see far-reaching views on both sides of it; and seeing such a variety of birds in my garden – with the common fiscal still coming to eat out of my hand now and then. Thank you for mentioning my delight in a little rain after so long.

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  3. So lovely to catch up with your week from across the ditch. We, here in Greater Sydney continue the lockdown …and we, the oldies aged over 70 are pleased to have had our full complement of Covid Vax. I am glad you got to go some places that are, for us, banned right now. I was lucky to see Hamilton in Sydney in May and sadly, the whole production is on hold…till no end date.

    Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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  4. Lovely to have the Royal New Zealand ballet…is there any restriction on the amount of people coming to each performance? Good news that you are getting the vaccine soon, our second one is coming up in two weeks time. This time next year let’s hope life is less complicated for us, we seem to be having more and more Lockdowns at the moment.
    The bento box for lunch looks delicious by the way!

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    1. No restrictions on numbers in the audience – at the moment! Yes let’s hope this time next year life will be a bit more ‘normal’. Sure I saiid that last year too! The bento box was really good.

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  5. I love reading your Small Pleasures posts – they are filled with so much beauty and joy despite the world we find ourselves.

    Hurray for your nephew’s First Steps – thank goodness for tech that enables us to keep in touch these days.

    Congratulations on getting your appointments for the vaccination! I hear that these are hard to come by in NZ. Will you have to travel far to get them done?

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    1. I’m going to a vaccination center walking distance from work, and not that far from home so that is good. And yes tech is great for allowing us to keep in touch with things like first steps!


  6. Aww thanks for the shout out! Everything looks delicious and the ballet sounds wonderful! We’re so locked down, trips to the theatre and meals out seem like a distant memory! Congrats on getting your needle dates – being fully vaxxed is such a great feeling 🙂

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