This week’s small pleasures #167

First up, for those of you who have been wanting feedback on the pickles I made last week, I can tell you that the preserved lemons with rosemary are fantastic. The lemons are sort of salty, sort of sweet and so good you could eat them straight from the jar. The fennel and orange pickle was nice, very orange-y rather than with a good fennel taste. If I make it again, I might use less orange. The the kholbrabi one is very crunchy and might be nice as part of a ploughman’s type lunch (rather than straight out of the jar!) and was my least favourite of the three.

Still on food, I’ve been making some big bowls of salad based meals that do dinner one day and lunch at work the next. Of course I had my Saturday toast (avocado again – it so good and it is the season) at Squirrel, and some lovely walnut and raisin bread smothered in a goat’s cream cheese for Sunday breakfast in bed.

Walnut and raisin bread, Sunday breakfast

At this time of year, the walk to work is full of floral distractions, such as these below. The new season flowers are being planted in the formal beds in the Botanic Gardens, roses can be seen and there are signs of the warmer weather of the season everywhere.

As seen walking to work

On Saturday, a friend and I went to this year’s Graduation Season at the New Zealand School of Dance. As usual, it was fun to spot the dancers who excelled (and there were a few), and also so nice to see 12 male classical dancers. I always enjoy this evening, an event always well attended.

Finally, these peonies. No words necessary!


What were your small pleasures this week?

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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