Six on Saturday 23.11.19

It is a lovely, warm day here today, Perhaps not the most sunny, but definitely a gorgeous day. This meant I was able to get outside, and start tidying up, replanting and generally having a look around. Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, some of the herbs which are looking good: the sweet smelling pineapple sage and chocolate mint, and my old oregano plant. The pineapple sage has a lovely, furry stem and is really quite attractive, as well as having that distinctive smell.

The good weather meant a chance to get some repotting done, such as the miniature sunflowers for outside and the chilli plants for inside. I have a whole bunch of seeds that need planting, but also need some more soil, so that sounds like next weekend’s project.

Miniature sunflowers to be
A chilli plant

And so to the story of my basil….this is the last surviving plant, which is looking a bit sorry for itself. It really is time to go and get some new plants for the summer, and, talking about seeds, I should also plant some cinnamon basil I have and see what results.

The last remaining basil

Over in the far corner of the garden (as I call a particular area…it isn’t that far away…) the small bay tree is showing lots of signs of new growth now it has been moved to an area with a lot more sun. A small victory.

The bay

There are still quite a few hellebores hidden around the place, such as this beauty below. The next season’s flowers are now in bud, and I have spotted a few agapanthus around the streets already. I know…they grow like weeds here.

At number 5, the various mahonia plants are looking green, bright and shiny. The first picture is of one beside the house, the second, looking down at one growing beside the steps. You can also see just how green and crazy things are too!

Another mahonia

Finally, yes I know it is number 7, but just to comment on the featured image at the to top of the post, not only is the wild strawberry doing quite well, but the old lemon tree continues to put forth flowers. When I can get to the garden centre, I’ll be picking up some feed for it and let’s see if I can revive it.

For now though that is me. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world.

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    1. In the years we have been here there have only been flowers. Our neighbours’ though have a lovely lemon tree. Someone last week I think it was recommended some good things to add to the soil so will need to scroll back through my posts!

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  1. Hello there. Just came across your blog for the first time and am looking forward to catching up on the story so far. As it happens we used to live and work in Wellington in a previous life before coming back to Scotland and I like reminding myself about such a great place. There is clearly a bit of a winter / summer, warm / cold, light / dark thing going on – different ends of the same see-saw…

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    1. Wellington is a great place I agree. Small but lots of things going on, and you don’t feel too far from nature either. I grew up in Edinburgh so I know what Scotland is like in November!!


  2. Your herbs are looking good. I have recently cut all mine back to the ground, just hope they revive themselves in the spring. I think I shall have to buy new mint next year as the two I have (chocolate and ginger) didn’t do well at all this summer. Crazy! You expect mint to be unkillable! (is that even a word?) Your pineapple sage is much bushier than mine too, I think I allowed mine to get too leggy in the summer and now it is flowering I don’t want to cut it down. Such a lovely plant.

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    1. My lemon balm died off in the winter…who would have thought it? I thought that was ‘unkillable’ as well. Mint is temperamental I think. My last chocolate mint didn’t last. Yes I love that pineapple sage too – really quite pretty.

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      1. I haven’t grown lemon balm, but I do have lemon verbena which smells like sherbert lemon. I have cut it back and hope I haven’t been a bit ruthless!


        1. It’s really very nice. I don’t make tea from it, but you can. I just like to rub the leaves and smell it. Also has pretty white flowers that last for ages.


  3. Your herbs have my attention as well. I’m so curious as to what pineapple sage must taste like. Every time you or another SoSer mention chocolate mint, I think I should get some, then promptly forget. What do you use it in or do you simply enjoy it in the pot? The idea of cinnamon basil also makes me curious as to taste. And that hellebore is gorgeous.


    1. The pineapple sage has a strong pineapple scent – I haven’t tried using it yet. The chocolate mint – tried a little chopped very finely over strawberries which was OK but it is also strong. The sun is shining today so might try and plant some of those basil seeds today if I get a chance.


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