Six on Saturday

Just a quick post, in between trying out some beers at the Beers at the Basin event and going to the see the classical students graduation season performance at the New Zealand School of Dance…..yes, quite a contrast!  Anyway, here is my round up for this week of six on a Saturday.  Thanks once again to The Propagator for starting this weekly event. 

First up, the weather.  There has been a lot of heavy rain, that seemed never to stop, and it was even stormy at time, meaning a lot of sweeping up had to be done.  The past two days and today has seen a turn, to dry, and warm weather.  This combination makes everything around the house grow madly, and our ‘up steps’ are slowly disappearing into the bush….and it is the first day of summer today too.

Disappearing steps

Second up are the Peruvian lilies that are now beginning to appear everywhere.  There will soon be a golden glow.

Peruvian lily
Peruvian lilies
Peruvian lilies
More Peruvian lilies to come

Third, I know I put a picture of these violas in a post a few weeks ago, but they are still spreading and forming a very pretty carpet in a place that needs that very thing.  Invasive?  Perhaps, but fine in the location they are in and they look so pretty.


Fourthly, all the thymes are doing well, and the chicken thyme is producing flowers.

Chicken thyme
Chicken thyme and flowers

Fifthly, this is the ‘neglected corner’ of the upper terrace (sounds much grander than it is!) today.  Think I will abandon the large pot and chair idea!

The neglected corner

And finally, seeds are sprouting, and hopefully results will be able to be shown here in a short while.  In the meantime, look forward to seeing what everyone else’s gardens are looking like. 

You can find Thistles and Kiwis on Facebook, and also on Instagram@thistleandkiwis.  As for Twitter….am totally inactive these days.  If you want to get in touch, email me on thistlesandkiwis@gmail.


  1. I think I tried to grow Arthropodium once, without success. Might have to give it another go. I saw it growing well in a garden on the south Devon coast a few weeks back. One more for the wanted list.


  2. Ah, summer. I remember that. Seems a while ago now. Love the violas.


  3. I was about to ask what’s growing in the neglected corner but image searched Jim’s Latin first & got my question answered. I also like that very much, as the Peruvian lilies. It’s so nice to see summer!


  4. I like your Renga Renga lilies softening the edges of your ‘up’ path. I tried them here but they were all eaten by snails!


  5. I think those steps look great. Don’t change a thing! Look forward to seeing more antipodean colour as we head in to the depths of winter!


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