Beer at the Basin

It’s December, and officially summer here, and to celebrate this fact, we, and many others, attended the second Beer at the Basin event at the Basin Reserve, Wellington’s cricket ground. (Useless fact of the day…the Basin Reserve is the only cricket ground in New Zealand to have Historic Place status as it is the oldest test cricket ground in New Zealand).

Beers at the Basin

We got there early, which was a good idea as we didn’t have to queue that much for food and drink.  It certainly filled up as the day went on.  The event was sold out, with about 5000 in all attending.  Anyway, there were a decent arrange of  breweries and cider makers present, as well as four wine producers and a variety of food trucks.

Some notable things I tried are the local brewery Fortune Favours Leeds Street Estate, Rose Bier, Auckland based Urbanaut’s Brixton Pale Ale,  Good George’s Extra Dry Apple cider and Newtown’s very own South Cider’s Boysenberry and Apple Cider.

Rose Bier
The wine tent…before the crowds descended

For lunch we picked up mini Royale burgers from Dutchy’s, which were really good and just the thing for an event like this.  A bit later, we also shared some chips with aioli from Elemental Eats.

Burger time
Cider and chips!
Time for chips!

Verdict?  An OK event for a summer Saturday, but they go crazy if you bring in water bottles or any food items (even a Christmas cake I had picked up).  When I collected my cake, I spotted several punnets of strawberries and really nice personal water bottles.  Now while I understand the rules, they were overboard in how strict they were (was I going to eat a beautifully wrapped cake?).  All they had to do was ensure water bottles were empty and appreciate that not all food was going to be consumed that afternoon.  And they didn’t find my loaf of bread….so the no food rule was quite ridiculous. Other than that, a nice afternoon.

Is anyone doing Blogmas?  I have done this blog meme for 2 years, and am loathe to do it again, but might try and post more often during December about what is on in the coolest little capital.

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  1. Looks like you had fabulous weather for this event. We’ve had quite alot of rain up here in the Far North.


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