This week’s small pleasures #51

This week saw the bomb in Manchester, more revelations about the Trump administration and continuing electioneering in the UK (what will happen there?).  But it was also a week where we saw some wonderful autumn sunshine here in Wellington and where on a personal level, I managed to fit in two Xtend Barre classes and Pilates classes, and eat pizza.

New book

In the post on Friday, was Unna Burch’s (The Forest Cantina) new book.  She funded this, her second book, through Kickstarter, and as a small contributor to the fund, I received a signed copy of the book and a custom designed tea towel (see below).  It is filled with lots of her gorgeous photos of food, and of course, recipes (have already ear marked a few). There are even sections on beekeeping and looking after chickens.

Home by Unna Burch

Friday evening

And to sip along with browsing the book, was some Peckham’s cider with feijoa, in a new whisky tumbler.


Saturday shopping

I love food shopping as regular readers know.  Below is a selection of what I picked up on Saturday morning – red kale, witloof (chicory), persimmons, pears, tamarillos, Zany Zeus feta and some large pasta shells.  These are for a recipe I intend to try that I spotted in a magazine.  Will let you know if and when that happens!

Food shopping

Soup for a Saturday

With the prospect of the onset of southerly winds, it was time to make soup.  A favourite in our house is pea soup with bacon, based on a Delia Smith recipe that I have been making for too many years to count.  There was a rhubarb and apple crumble to follow.

Peas at the ready

New boots

Ankle boots with a non-slip sole are the best footwear living where we do, and I just thought I could do with another pair. After all, I do have to wear shoes every day, don’t I?  I also ordered up new lenses for my two pairs of reading glasses, and to keep me going until I collect them, I bought these bright green and purple ones, which I have fallen in love with for some reason (probably as they are the right prescription and suddenly I can see to blog again).

Sunday morning

I woke early and spent ages on browsing Bloglovin’ and Instagram before tea and breakfast.  It’s going to be a busy week, so just having a bit of time for nothingness was good.

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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