Lipstick and literature

I confess, I have always had an interest in cosmetics and beauty products.  Why I feel a need to confess I don’t know, but there is a perception that being interested in such things is superficial and ‘girly’.  But why should it be? If it is something that brings joy, then why not.  I love the writer Sali Hughes’ quote from her book Pretty Honest:

“I believe it’s perfectly normal to love both lipstick and literature, to be a woman who paints her nails while shouting at Question Time.”

I agree totally that it is possible to love lipstick and literature, to have an interest in both.  I love opening a new lotion, smelling a new fragrance, applying a new cream.  The act of morning make-up is a little ritual for myself each day when I often come up with solutions to problems or remember something I had forgotten.  It is almost like a little meditation.

So today I finally got a chance to go to the newly opened Mecca Maxima on Willis Street, which replaced the Mecca Cosmetica in town.  The brands stocked here are slightly different to Mecca Cosmetica, and it has a bit more of an upmarket Sephora feel to it, with a fantastic section of travel size products.  So below is my haul of goodies.  First up, shower gel and body lotion from Korres, with a fantastic scent.

A wonderful, fig scented shower gel and body lotion from Korres, and a wild rose lip butter

Next up, some small size Bumble and Bumble products that will tame my fine, flyaway hair when we are on holiday.

Hair products

Finally, I got some new ponytail bands (love the colours for my hair – green/gold, brown, light gold) and a mini mascara from By Terry, which seemed appropriate having not long listened to Terry de Gunzberg, the founder of the label, being interviewed on At Home With…  

More stuff

So, that was my set of treats today, all of which I am looking forward to using.  I might even report on some of them…..that is if I am not too engrossed in the latest Paul Auster…

(If you don’t know the UK television programme, Question Time, then follow this link).


  1. I wish Sephora comes to New Zealand :D.
    Thant Mecca shop looks nice. I like the photo in front of the windows, the woman with the drew eye. 🙂


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