This week’s small pleasures #41

Looking back at the past week, there were a few things that really stuck out as being small pleasures.  These are the things that help us through daily life and remind us of the good things.


At last, summer is here, just as autumn approaches…but who cares?  Blue skies and warm days are always good. Today, Monday, is yet another gloriously sunny day, and I’m sitting outside at home after work listening to the cicadas go crazy.

Sitting by the water at lunch time
A summer day in Wellington

A toasted date scone

Actually, it was a date and L&P scone. L&P is a lemon based soft drink, world famous in New Zealand.  So it was really a lemonade scone with dates (and if you want to know how to make scones with lemonade, here’s a recipe).

Saturday scone

A new jam

Strawberry, vanilla bean and rosewater preserve
And on a slice of Italian loaf with goat cream cheese for breakfast


There are peaches and nectarines of every variety about right now (and even peacharines….), plums of every colour, and golden apricots. They look so tempting all piled up. There are also still some blueberries, lovely with just a little hokey pokey ice cream.


The new set of motivational pencils in the featured image came from Small Acorns (a shop that is a small pleasure in itself).

Thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering for starting me off on this weekly post.


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