Cee’s Share Your World Challenge: 28 February

I haven’t done one of Cee’s Challenges in ages, but thought I would today as I sit outside in glorious sunshine listening to the cicadas. We’re having a late summer, but at least it is here at last. Note – I have changed the date as I receive the challenge Tuesday morning, then write it Tuesday evening.

So, to this week’s questions….

Ever ran out of petrol (sorry, but gas means something completely different to me Cee!) in you vehicle?

No, as I don’t drive so I don’t have a car.

Which are better, black or green olives?

I like both and it depends..black in cooking and green with a drink if I am pushed.

Olives and fizz

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

Cities. I love to explore streets and find interesting things around corners. I am not the sort for the great outdoors.

Sydney, the last city I explored

List three favourite quotes.

The poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph has many good lines about growing old disgracefully:

“and intend to run my stick along the public railings
and make up for the sobriety of my youth “

(Interestingly, I hated this poem as a teenager, especially the opening line about wearing purple).

“Crabbie’s Green Ginger Wine, those wonderful evocative words, balm to the troubled Edinburgh soul, metaphorical oil upon metaphorically troubled waters! And redolent of everything quintessentially Edinburgh: slightly sharp, slightly disapproving, slightly superior” Alexander McCall Smith

“The small things of life were often so much bigger than the great things . . . the trivial pleasure like cooking, one’s home, little poems especially sad ones, solitary walks, funny things seen and overheard.” Barbara Pym

What are you grateful for from this week?

I was walking through the gardens today going to work, and all I could here were birds – kākā, tuis and blackbirds. Then when I reached the duck pond, all the ducks were out and feasting on the lawn. I’m so lucky to have this moment of being in touch with nature each day.

Duck breakfast

What are you looking forward to in the week ahead?

The weekend of course as usual!

Long may summer continue!


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