My object all sublime, I will achieve in time

I always carry a paper diary and have never switched to digital calendar keeping except at work.  It is habit I suppose, but the act of writing things down helps to fix them in my mind.  I’m not that into journal keeping, but this year I am doing a kind of bullet journal in my pink Moleskine.  But for the last two weeks, it has gone by the wayside, as I’ve been feeling poorly.  Instead of dwelling on not getting things done, I’m looking ahead, and March is looking like busy and fun, and the weather isn’t looking too bad either.

The sun whose rays are all ablaze

My diary for Saturday evening was blocked out with dinner, drinks and the theatre, a trio that cheered me up no end.  We started with an early dinner at The Tasting Room, where I enjoyed a hearty plate of fish and chips and a really excellent buttery chardonnay from Gisborne.  Karl had a burger and a glass of Trinity Hills shiraz. From there we stopped off at the roof top bar at Basque before heading to The Opera House to see the New Zealand Opera’s production of The Mikado.

Everything is a source of fun

Now I grew up with Gilbert and Sullivan, seeing my first live production when I was about twelve I guess.  This was Karl’s first ‘experience’, so I was glad it was a proper, professional production and also The Mikado.  This is the ninth Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, and opened on 14 March 1885.  It remains the most performed of all of them.  It tells the story…well, it is really quite complicated…so I’ll let you google it, but suffice to say it involves a Lord High Executioner, a wedding and mix ups.

It was a great production, with great costumes, fantastic singing and lots of humour.  Special mention to the singer who stepped in at the last minute to take the lead part of Nanki Poo after the original cast member got injured in a boating accident. I’ve been singing excerpts non stop since.

Innocent merriment

*Title and all photo captions taken from The Mikado

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