Ten things this Tuesday

My Tuesday post is usually a challenge post, and this week I’ve made up my own challenge – to come up with ten things about today, a Tuesday in March.

Tuesday transport: I’m still walking to work, though you can feel the first chills of autumn. Mind you, the cicadas are still singing, though much quieter and not with the same intensity for hour after hour. Autumn in New Zealand is not like that in the northern hemisphere, when trees turn to amazing autumnal shades of golden browns and oranges.  Native plants stay green all year round, and only recent imports, such as the oak trees in the Botanic Gardens shed their leaves and exhibit the change of the season.


March 2013, Botanic Gardens of Wellington

Tuesday tastes : Left over Monday dinner for lunch – couscous and salad today. Better than it sounds!

Tuesday tedium: just put the words ‘spreadsheet’ and ‘update’ into one sentence.

Tuesday tea: endless cups at work, mostly ordinary black tea, but sometimes rooibos with lemon and ginger or green tea and lemon.  The rosehip and hibiscus tea bags remain strangely untouched.

IMG_7316 More tea!

Tuesday treat 1: bought a new shirt….it is pay day…

IMG_7326Yes…leopard skin…but it looks great with ‘a black pant’ in fashionista speak

Tuesday treat 2: hairdresser – much needed.

Tuesday treat 3: dinner at the pub, The Shepherds’ Arms in Thorndon.  I had the Aoraki salmon fillet with a potato cake, pickled cucumber & tomato salad, poached egg & hollandaise sauce.  Yum!  Walked it off walking uphill home.

IMG_7319Dinner – Karl had pie – you can see it in the background

Tuesday throwback:  I had a look to see what I was writing about three years ago, not that long after we had arrived in New Zealand.  Here’s an old post about our first wine tasting in New Zealand.  There have been quite a few since!

Tuesday television: or rather viewing… a little comedy with Cuckoo series 3 and and more Suits on Netflix.

Tuesday tunes: Melanie’s version of ‘Ruby Tuesday’ to end the day (follow the link to YouTube – it’s from 1975).




  1. I take endless cups of tea everyday. I’m trying to cut down on sugar and I discovered own-made tea was the best option. I take herbal, black or masala tea (with lots of spices), but never had a thing for green tea! I do love lemon and ginger too!


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