Peanut butter, chocolate and tea

Temperatures dropped this week and we even saw some rain, much needed mind you. But on Friday, the temperatures shot back up, and I regretted taking my coat to work as lunch time approached.  To make things even better, I had the afternoon off work, and headed over first to The St James Theatre for a discussion session entitled Dance for your Life with Dominique Mercy and Helena Pikon of the German dance company, Tanztheater Wuppertal.  Mercy is the longest serving member of company, and so had many tales to tell of choreographer Pina Bausch.  Pikon told us that her being picked to join the company was a reminder that ‘fairy tales sometimes happen’, such a wonderful story.  The conversation was lively and humerous and made a good prelude to the evening’s performance which I will talk about in the next post.

From there I wandered to Eva Street, where I haven’t been for ages.  It has been done up a bit since I was last there, but it still is one of those little tucked away places that you need to know about to find.

IMG_7343Welcome to Eva Street


Eva Street and the old Hannah’s Shoe Factory

Top of my list of things to get while there was a new jar of my all time favourite peanut butter from Fix and Fogg (first written about here in 2014).  I had forgotten to bring my empty jar (you can return old jars for recycling), but will no doubt be needing more of their dark chocolate peanut butter, which is perfect for a weekend breakfast treat, so can return two at once.


Off to buy some peanut butter…

IMG_7369…and the purchase waiting to be opened

Talking of chocolate, I popped into the Wellington Chocolate Factory to get an Easter egg for Karl.  As he reads the blog, I can’t show you which one I bought, but will let you know next week.  Their chocolate is really superb, and this year their Great War Bar was the supreme winner in the Cuisine Artisan Awards 2016. A portion of the sale from each bar goes towards supporting the Great War Exhibition in Wellington.

IMG_7346Off to buy some chocolate…

IMG_7372…and the Easter egg waiting to be opened

By this time I was in need of a cup of tea, so stopped off at the Leeds Street Bakery and Red Rabbit Coffee Co.  I didn’t indulge in anything to eat, though the there was a strong temptation to pick up something as everything looked so good.  The tea I chose had tasting notes that said it was redolent of baby greens and fresh spinach – not so sure about that, but it was absolutely gorgeous and bursting with, yes, green tastes.

IMG_7362Off to drink some tea…


…and the tea, gangam green tea from South Korea

Next door, is Golding’s Free Dive Bar, which I have been to, but it wasn’t really the time for a beer or glass of wine.  It’s close enough to both the St James Theatre and the Opera House for a pre or post show drink.

IMG_7363Golding’s Free Dive Bar

By then it was time to go home for an early dinner before the theatre in the evening.  More of that experience to come.

IMG_7360Leeds Street street art


Leaving Leeds Street




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