This week’s small pleasures #278

It is Monday evening, dinner is in the oven (chicken breasts stuffed with cooked leek, tomatoes, basil and ricotta) and it will soon be time to light the candles and get cosy. All small pleasures to end the working day.

Meanwhile, as autumn draws on, there are still lots of things to enjoy in the Botanic Gardens such as this amiaceae plectranthus fruticosa or forest spurflower which I believe is originally from South Africa, and the flowers on the fatsia, which are loved by these little bees.

So to food…and there was a lovely chicken sandwich at Squirrel for lunch on Wednesday, dinner at Malaysian restaurant Rasa on Saturday (I had Sayur Goreng – lots of vegetables with tofu and shrimps) and a bowl of homemade yellow split pea and vegetable soup on my day working at home on Friday. I made a batch of granola to have on hand to sprinkle on yoghurt and enjoyed this apple, plucked from a colleague’s tree, smelling and tasting of the apples of my childhood. In the basket this week was pears, feijoas and passion fruit, onions, green beans, Portobello mushrooms and the first Brussels sprouts of the season. We also enjoyed a special Sunday lunch at Highwater, where I enjoyed a lamb salad with chickpeas, smoked feta, lots of greens and coriander while Karl had an excellent fried chicken sandwich.

The book that can be seen in the soup picture above is Anne Kennedy’s The Sea Walks into a Wall, a lovely collection of her poetry. I also started to re-read Barbara Pym’s A Glass of Blessings – such a joy and a real small pleasure.

I found some beautiful candles in autumn colours at Small Acorns, went book shopping and enjoyed a lot of autumn sunshine. To end, this beautiful dahlia which was sitting on the table at Squirrel cafe. My poor dahlias have not done so well this year, so I will just enjoy this instead.

So that is me for this week. What were your small pleasures this week? Here are some other blog posts from a few fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life. 

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  1. I get intermittent WiFi connection, so no blogging while I am away but can peep at some of the posts I enjoy reading – this is such a happy one!

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  2. Yes, I agree with the comment that you are able to make all your food dishes look delicious, and also the vegetables you show look so healthy and inviting. Enjoy your autumn cooking.

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  3. Autumn candles, lamb and feta salad, tiny bees, and Barbara Pym: so many small (but mighty) pleasures during your week! And the dahlia is beautiful.

    I love borrowing others’ beauty, as you did; it gives us a chance to salute what really is a nourishing act of community — making beauty available for others to savor. As you do with your blog!

    (And thank you so much for the mention and for all you do for our blogging community.)

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