This week’s small pleasures #277

Each day I write down three good things that have happened that day. It could be sunshine when sunshine was not expected, enjoying the flavour of a juicy plum, finishing a book (or starting a new book), Pilates, lunch with a friend or even just being at home and watching something on Netflix at the end of a busy day. There is always something that is a small pleasure even on bad days. These were some of mine this week.

And so to food, and as regular readers know, – cooking, eating, reading about it. From the heady smell of fresh tomatoes to the bright green of feijoas to that first crunch of a lunchtime bánh mì there is always something to grab the senses. For a working at home lunch on Friday, there was witloof, gently browned on a cast iron skillet, and topped with walnuts, ewe milk cheese, hummus, ajvar and a little parsley for some more green. In the shopping basket this week was a big bag of spinach, green beans, courgettes, mushrooms, ginger, green chilli, limes, apples for a cake (to be featured on Wednesday) and a piece of goat camembert for a treat. There was also a bag of split peas for the first autumnal soup later in the week.

A small pleasure on a Sunday morning is reading other bloggers posts on the Six on Saturday gardening theme and the coffee share posts hosted by Natalie the Explorer. There is always something interesting, something new. I’ve also been enjoying a couple of comedies on BBC Radio Sounds the new Conversations from a Long Marriage and the old The Small Intricate Life of Gerald C Potter which still makes me smile.

Another thing that brought a smile to my face was seeing this gorgeous kākā ripping apart this tree in our garden. One of three native parrots, it is an endangered species, though thanks to conservation efforts, the bird can now be seen in lots of parts of Wellington, and we frequently get them visiting our little space.

So that is me for the first Monday in April. What were your small pleasures this week? Here are some other blog posts from a few fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life. 

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  1. What a lovely practice to write down three good things that happened each day. The journals are lovely and I’m sure enrich the practice, as does the reminder to find joy in the ordinary. Yes!

    As always, I’m awestruck by your cooking prowess. And today, amazed by the parrot. Glad to hear about its recovery and its visit to your garden! (And thanks for the mention – I am indeed enjoying substitute teaching!)

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    1. Sometimes it is harder to find three things than others…but even just listening to our little black cat snoring can make me smile. I enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen, a small pleasure in fact!

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  2. Good to see a Kaka in your garden, they are very illusive, we only saw on our trip to New Zealand.
    I liked your working from home lunch, if only we had a chef here to give us interesting meals all the time…. I’m going to try a bit harder, as we have a new kitchen. (after 25 years!) The Asko cooktop and oven make a big difference.

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  3. Thank you for my dose of small pleasures this morning – it is a good way to start my day.
    You have access to such unusual produce – I looked up feijoas … how do you use yours?

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    1. You can eat feijoas just as they are – cut in half and scoop out with a spoon. I have made a chutney with them and apples a couple of times, or you can add to apples in a crumble or add to a cake. Quite versatile.


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