This week’s small pleasures #276

It seems like yesterday we were ringing in the new year, but here we are at the end of March already. For us in the Southern Hemisphere it means autumn, which can be nice in its way. An early autumn lazy Sunday afternoon with a book and a mug of tea was a small pleasure I indulged in this weekend, and I am sure there will be more once the cooler days are with us.

We tend to think of autumn colours as being golden yellows, deep oranges and soft browns…almost like the miniature marigolds (and yes that is a sneaky little nasturtium) below, that are making me smile at the moment.

And so to food….I picked up some more scallopini or patty pan squash, along with some yellow beans, collard greens, red chard and cavolo nero on Wednesday, because everything looked so bright and fresh. Some of the things in the shopping basket this week included sausages, witloof (or chicory) to make a salad with pears and walnuts perhaps, limes, a tub of mozzarella, aubergine (a current favourite), plums, tomatoes, passion fruit and that seasonal fruit that people go mad for in New Zealand, feijoas.

Sticking with food, there was a smoked salmon toast for lunch at favourite cafe Squirrel, fish and chips at The Shepherd’s Arms pub in Thorndon on Thursday, Vietnamese food with friends at Saigon Van (the soft shell crab was good!) on Saturday evening and I used the scallopini/patty pan squash in Peter Gordon’s recipe on Sunday (and yes there were leftovers!).

Other small pleasures this week included lunch and a gossip with a friend on Monday, catching a Skill Share class on creativity (in line with my Word of the Year!), and better weather than the forecast on Sunday and Monday.

What were your small pleasures this week? Here are some other blog posts from a few fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life. 

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  1. It is always lovely to have a variety of meals from different countries during the week, and you’ve done that well! I like the idea of the Skill Share. I learnt how to build my blog by following tutorials from a group who offered to teach IT skills. Enjoy your sunshine…it is raining again here!

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  2. I love how your photos echo the “traditional” autumn colors. And I agree with you: autumn is a wonderful season to begin to slow down after the energies of summer. I know you’ll enjoy yours. And thanks for the mention!

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  3. Wow, I don’t need a cookbook or even internet recipes with your pictures around. These are lovely pictures. I love your Small Pleasures. Is it a challenge? I have read several people this week who have visited my blog who are doing the same thing Natalie is – a once a week share. I love them all. It is fun to see what people in other parts of the world are doing, some much the same and other things entirely different. 🙂

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    1. I started doing the Small Pleasures post a few years ago after seeing someone else doing it. It is a great way to think of the good things that happen during the week. I agree it is fun to see what other people around the world are doing, especially with the different seasons and things going on.

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      1. I noticed that Ju-Lyn is on your list. What a sweetie, and she and Bushboy do the monthly review now. I want to get a post ready for tomorrow’s wrap including a monthly wrap on my WOTY. I’ll include your post as a link. 🙂

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