This week’s small pleasures #275

It is Monday evening again here in Aotearoa, and time for this week’s small pleasures and a time to reflect on the good things in life, the small things that bring a smile to our faces. Sometimes these things are fleeting and unexpected. This Saturday morning, when while walking through the Botanic Gardens going to Pilates, a very small boy, came running up to me with a beaming smile, and handed me a large stick he had been carrying. I took it, and then chatted to the father about how much small boys love sticks. Beaming from ear to ear, the wee one took the stick back and gave it to his father. There was much laughter, many smiles and it made such a joyful start to the day.

Another thing that brought a smile to my face was winning a Golden Ticket in a bar of chocolate bought to commemorate the 120 years of the Wellington Cable Car (which I mentioned here). I won tickets to the zoo, so that will have to be something to do one fine day.

On Sunday we went out to The Dowse Art Museum to see the exhibition of a selection of the Eden Hore collection of 1970s couture gowns. Hore was a farmer in Central Otago who collected around 200 garments, a few of which were on show at this lovely exhibition. The blue catsuit on the left below had legs 3 metres wide! My favourite though was the black and white one next to it. There were sequins, lurex, and garments made of the finest wool. Thanks to Su over at Zimmerbitch for telling me about this great little exhibition.

And so to food…in the basket this Saturday there were apples, pears and feijoas in keeping with the season. I might just make an apple and pear compote to have with thick Greek yoghurt as part of week-day breakfasts. There were green beans (served with Za’atar Salmon and Tahini from Ottolenghi Test Kitchen Shelf Love for Saturday’s dinner), courgettes, aubergines and essential onions. On Sunday we enjoyed croque monsieur over at Tartines French Cafe in Eastbourne after the exhibition and a salad of left over beans and tomatoes to have with a quiche topped with mozzarella for Sunday dinner.

What were your small pleasures this week? Here are some other blog posts from a few fellow bloggers looking at the good things in life. 

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  1. How lovely to win a prize! What a lovely collection of gowns too, I didn’t realise the blue one wasn’t a dress until you mentioned the width of the pants!

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  2. What a feast of small pleasures! I adore your tale of the small boy sharing his joy (and stick) with you, a stranger. May we all show such generosity and trust to strangers. The 1970s gowns are fun and I relish your feature photo. (And thanks for the mention! Happily, our daffodils are fine!)

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  3. The 1970s gowns were interesting, I loved the first four in particular, I remember the ’70s time as, bell-bottom pants and cheese cloth blouses….what a difference! It is lovely when children can give you a little stick and it makes their day, and yours!
    I wish we were having a lovely meal like that on a Sunday….. we have plenty of beans and tomatoes for the salad…the quiche topped with mozzarella looks very tasty!

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    1. Gosh yes – cheesecloth shirts! Whatever happened to them and why have they never come back?
      I quite often make a quiche in the summer, using frozen pastry and fillings such as hot smoked salmon and courgettes or ham and cheese. It is a good way of using up things in the fridge and give leftovers (hence the use of mozzarella on Sunday….).

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  4. What a neat exhibition and I like the look of that golden ticket, reminds me of the charlie and the chocolate factory movie.

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