Six on Saturday 19.03.22

What a lovely warm, sunny day! It feels as if summer hasn’t completely gone away. I’ve been baking rather gardening, having lost my ‘gardening mojo’ these past couple of weeks. I also had a nap, thanks to being woken up at 5am by a hungry cat wanting breakfast and not getting back to sleep properly again. Ah well….a big thanks to The Propagator who encourages us to share what is going on in our gardens in all parts of the world. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in.

At number one, this link which I won’t say cheered me up, but made me relax for a few moments anyway. It is about weeds and why you should embrace them….though do please note the article is about weeds in the UK.

Still on the ‘things to do outside’ list and this one is at least quick…and that is to sweep up the leaves and twigs all over the decking and steps. I like to do this after work to switch off from the day, but at the moment it is kind of important to keep on top of this as when it rains, wet leaves on top of decking = slipping trap.

And so to the only new thing this week. Well, regular readers will recognise the yearly appearance of the tecomanthe speciosa or Three Kings vine. Buds can already be seen, so fingers crossed for a good display again this year.

At number four, this weeks pictures of the Japanese anemones, which are looking gorgeous right now. Lots of lovely pink flowers that can only bring a smile to the face.

Over to this weeks herb corner, and all I have for you is the ruby carpet thyme, oregano flowers and more tarragon. I should really just make a nice wee bottle of tarragon vinegar to see me through the winter months.

Finally…this week’s nasturtiums. It looks like the seeds from the Black Velvet variety have at least germinated, producing all these leaves, but will I get flowers? Watch this space….

That is my six this week, and as usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you.

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  1. If we are talking of Nasturtium watch, and I was so cheered to see that superb back lit one at the start of your post, I think it might be time to sow some here.

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  2. To weed or not to weed, it is a difficult one for gardeners, I am trying not to pull up all the dandelions that I see. I think it needs caution and tact to get the right balance which will work for each of us.

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  3. I’m still trying to get my head around the concept that slugs and snails are not pests! Weeds (some) are welcome in my garden, but the S&S? Never. Although I am trying to plant things they don’t actually like to eat. Herbs are good for that. Time to visit the herb nursery and buy some new ones including Tarragon.

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