Words on Wednesday: a day well spent

As some of you know, I don’t work on a Wednesday. It gives me time to catch up, make appointments, and do those things I don’t always get time to do. The weather today was…well, mixed to say the least…with sunshine one minute and the next minute, rain. It was a good day though, with some practical things done (ironing, cleaning out the wardrobe), podcasts listened to (The Drop Out and a couple of episodes of Conversations) and reading.

Having more time for breakfast, I enjoyed half of the grapefruit I bought on Saturday, which was certainly orange coloured inside, though having the great, tart taste of a normal grapefruit. I boiled a couple of eggs, and had a bit of toast with Kalles kaviar and a mug of tea.

After my monthly tune up at the chiropractor, I walked along to the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Gallery to see the spring exhibition and Ceramicus, the annual exhibition by the Wellington Potters’ Association. Below you can see things from around the building, including the lovely angry sea creature representing the Wellington Harbour Board.

I loved this vase by artist Chris Dunn, and this art work from Bonnie Coad, which is a pattern and instructions to make a goat which was such fun. You can see part of the Ceramicus exhibition below.

Then it was time for a little shopping and lunch, with this excellent smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel served with ‘caraway tater tots’ at Pickle & Pie, and a stop at The Axe where I found a new berry colander from Galit Maxwell, as I somehow managed to damage beyond repair the one I bought last year and used it a lot during the season. I also picked up this delicious sounding Pina colada (ie pineapple and coconut) curd and a new notebook because you can never have too many.

I made this salad as a side dish for dinner from Peter Gordon’s Savour – grilled courgettes and broccolini with runner beans, cranberries and bocconcini. There was lots of it, so it will also be my lunch base for Thursday and Friday. I served it with lamb burgers, made spicy with lots of harissa.

And that was more or less Wednesday…..

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  1. I agree your salad looks delicious and it must have been very tasty with lamb burgers. Having one day in the week off when you are working is wonderful (I know!)

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  2. Loving the look of that salad. I really must revisit my Peter Gordon books. And you can never ever have too many notebooks. Enjoy your weekend.

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      1. I have the Sugar Club Cookbook and Cook at Home with Peter Gordon & reckon it’s been years since I opened either. I’d love to eat at the restaurant. One day.

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  3. What beautiful way to spend the day…the food all looks fantastic! Wow, the Wellington Harbour Board creature looks pretty formidable…definitely wouldn’t like to come across anything like that in the ocean!

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