Words on Wednesday: a day well spent

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have just moved to a trial four day working week. Wednesdays are going to be my ‘day off’, and I need to really think how to use the time. There are a few small projects around the house, and I want to get a camera and play with that, so let’s see. Of course, I don’t need to do anything if I don’t want to…..!

Today began with taking Charlie to the vet for his vaccinations and a check up. His weight is the same, his blood pressure was a little high, and we might have to check his kidneys soon. He was very active all night, which left me exhausted, but I forgave him as he is such a sweet wee cat and what with the bad weather and his morning appointment, we had kept him indoors. I then went to the dentist, so a rather busy morning in one way and another.

After that, I needed a pick me up treat, so popped into Pickle and Pie for a smoked salmon bagel (with excellent pickles on the side) and a coffee. I started Joan Didion’s collection of essays on the 1960s, The White Album, and picked up some lovely sounding boysenberry, apple and rosemary jam.

As you can see from the featured image at the top of the post, it has been raining nearly all day, so not really time to be outdoors. I decided to make up a to do list, then did some tidying, had a nap and read a little more. The to do list has quite a lot on it, so let’s hope the extra day will let me get through all the little things that need to get done.

Dinner tonight was simply pasta with courgettes, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and basil all topped off with parmesan…nice and simple but using up things in the fridge that needed to be used up. Now we are looking forward to an evening watching something, and seeing what my fellow bloggers have been up to. And then it will be time to retire…and hopefully sleep until the morning. How was your Wednesday?

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  1. My chilly Wednesday has just begun: a misty sunrise has given way to a bright blue sky, an icy breeze, and lots of birds visiting my feeding area while I breakfasted outdoors – despite the cold!

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  2. Wednesday is just starting here in Maine. So fun to be reminded that time and days differ depending on where you are in the world. Enjoy your glorious days off. I, too, had English Breakfast tea this morning. A line from me to Anne?

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  3. I wonder what New Zealand bagel is like. I grew up in New York, where people believed with some justification that the rest of the country did not know what a bagel was. A non-NY bagel was just round bread – not nearly dense or chewy enough and without the necessary hard crust. Now I live in Chicago, fortunately not far from the three bakeries I know of here that make genuine bagels. I got to try Montreal bagels on a trip there – nice and chewy but slightly sweet. Anyhow, I do wonder how bagels may have changed on their way to NZ. Good luck with your new 4-day schedule.

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