Six on Saturday 10.04.21

As you can tell by the featured image at the top of the post, it is a bit wet today. Actually, to tell the truth, it isn’t too bad, with mostly sharp shower bursts, but it isn’t a day for being in the garden, which is a pity as I have lots still to do in the tidying up department. Ah well….not a whole lot new from me this week but thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in. So…let’s look at this week’s six.

At number one, and for most likely the last time this season, the last of the Japanese anemones, with their fascinating bright green seed pods. Such a wonderful display again this year, they suit this spot very well.

Next up, the saffron crocus are growing well it seems. I’m hoping with all my fingers crossed that I get flowers, as they will be lovely in the middle of autumn. I’ve noticed a lot of new growth on the lemon-in-a-pot that we inherited when we moved here, so whatever I did this summer has obviously payed off. A supermarket pot of chives, stuck into a pot, has done really well, but the photographs just look odd so please use your imagination!

If you remember, last week I posted blackened buds on the dahlia. Well, this week it seems that the product I bought to get rid of nasty bugs has worked, and a whole bunch of new buds have appeared. More finger crossing going on here as well as you can imagine.

We couldn’t have a week without nasturtiums…the same ones as last week I believe, but isn’t that pale yellow one, with the streaks of orange wonderful?

Since not much is going on outside, with it being a tea, biscuit and sofa kind of afternoon, rather than getting things ready to plant bulbs, here is one of my cacti, which produced some interesting growth over the summer. Come October, I’ll need to repot this and a couple of others, that have outgrown their pots.

Finally, the joy of seeing the first buds on the tecomanthe speciosa (or Three Kings vine). I checked out the two specimens in the Botanic Gardens on the way home yesterday, and didn’t spot any buds on them, but ours is in a much sunnier spot. If you want to know more about the plant, then Wikipedia has a decent short summary. Regular readers will know how much I love this plant!

As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you. 

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  1. Very nice photo of the droplets on the nasturtium leaves.
    That cactus is funny, the new growths give the idea that it’s showing you a direction, or something…it looks happy! 😂

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  2. Yes, we have rain envy here…….how often do you hear that? All is well with the nasturtiums, I see. I have planted several seeds in my hanging baskets and am looking forward to seeing them soon, although “A watched seed never grows”, or am I mixing up my sayings?

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    1. It has been pretty dry here so actually was almost glad to see the rain. Hope to see pictures of your nasturtiums! And I agree totally – a watched seed never grows – and when you turn your back….


  3. I do like Japanese anemones, so pretty, but this year I will be digging as many of mine out of the front border as I can – they have spread and grown too straggly. I’m trying a new nasturtium this year, it’s called Ladybird Rose and seems to be a pink and peach combo – we shall see.

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  4. I never tire of your nasturtium pictures. The ones I’ve sown in the greenhouse have been germinating well. I think it’s a rich red one called Black Velvet so I’ll be sure to share photos later in the season.

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  5. Exciting to see all that new growth on your cactus! The dahlia buds look promising and suggest that the organic product you chose was effective. What did you end up using? Just looked up Three Kings. What an incredible plant. The flower buds resemble small fruits.

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    1. I love the shapes that the cactus makes I must say. I used Yates’ Nature’s Way organic citrus spray. Yes the Three Kings is quite stunning – there will be more pictures in the weeks to come I hope.


  6. The streaky nasturtiums are really lovely! I am about to put my nasturtium seeds in the ground. Technically it isn’t far enough into spring here for them, but the warmer weather and recent rain makes me thing they will go fine.

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  7. Spectacular photos! The beads of water on leaves. The birthday cake cactus, complete with four candles. And the woody vine with bud. Your blog delights me each time I open it. Thank you for sharing your joys and your artistic eye.

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