This week’s small pleasures #232

On Saturday night, the government announced that all of New Zealand, except Auckland, is going back up to Covid-alert Level 2. Auckland is now at Level 3, after more community outbreaks in the south of the city. This is of course not good, but at least an immediate decision was made. So my planned afternoon outing to see some dance has been postponed to next Sunday, when we all hope we can go back to normal.

Meanwhile, I am having some time off work, which has given me some time to rest and recuperate. It has also meant that I was able to get to my favourite cafe, Squirrel, for some of their lovely salmon toast. What a small pleasure that was!

Sticking with food, for the pantry there was a new tube of harissa for when I make lamb meatballs, more of my favourite band of sauerkraut, some ready made polenta to have on hand, a jar of ras el hanout to add to my spice cupboard and an interesting looking bar of hot cross bun chocolate, which I will save for when we have friends round at Easter. Also in my shopping bag were aubergines (eggplants), broccoli, oranges, nectarines, more baby carrots and green chilli.

And one final food item! Being at home means lunch at home means time to get out the trusty egg coddler which I know I have featured in the blog before. It really is a small pleasure to get out and use an item you have had since a child to make something light and tasty for lunch.

And I finished the jigsaw! Which also happens to be of food…a picnic in the sun….well, this post will just have to be about the small pleasure of eating!

So those are my small pleasures this week. What were yours? Here are some other bloggers with their favourites from the past week. Please free to join in!

I am going to add this post over at Natalie’s coffee share this week. I had no time to write anything yesterday as we were over at friends eating pizza (food again!).

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  1. Doing more of what makes us happy is the only way to beat the pandemic blues, mind you all those whitish tablecloth pieces of your jigsaw puzzle must have required a lot of patience and perseverance! Our president announced tonight that we are moving to Alert Level 1 – a marked changed from Alert Level 3 we have been experiencing. This still means masks, social distancing and so on but some restrictions on gatherings have been lifted.

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  2. Great sign, great reminder we so often need. Great food love the jigsaw. I had never heard of an egg coddler till a year ago so I ordered one on line with a pretty bird on it, I love it’s simplicity & a little fancy. I think that’s my small pleasure to start the week a home grown egg cooked in my sweet little egg coddler. Have a sweet week & hope all goes back to a great normal for you soon.

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  3. I agree with that sign. Lovely food you have and well done with your jigsaw puzzle. We’ve been in lockdown since November until at least March 8. I hope things soon return to normal for you. Thank you for the mention and for linking with #WeekendCoffeeShare.

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  4. I love the puzzle, and such a joy to get it finished. I have not had much luck with polenta, so I’ll be interested to see what you cook. Enjoy your time off.

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  5. Love the sign! I’m grateful that we didn’t go back into Level 3 until Sunday; my son’s girlfriend organised a surprise party for him on Saturday night and he had a wonderful time.

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  6. There was so much goodness in this post, especially considering the new lockdowns. I love the pictures too. And you had me at salmon toast!

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  7. Love the Picnic jigsaw – the folds on the picnic mat must have been sooooo challenging!

    Hope you are ok in lockdown, and are keeping safe and well.


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