Words on Wednesday: in the kitchen

I mentioned on Monday that I am taking some time off work – two weeks to be exact. Being at home means more time for reading (actually have two books on the go for the first time in ages), time to do some clutter clearing (I was very pleased with the results of reorganising the herbs and spices today), doing a new jigsaw, listening to podcasts and going for walks. I’ve also been browsing cookbooks, seeking ideas and inspiration now I have a bit more time to try things out.

One book I really enjoy for inspiration is Peter Gordon’s Savour, a book of ‘salads for all seasons’. It is full of all sorts of ideas, some with only vegetables, some with meat, some with fish, and all looking interesting. The few I have tried have been really good (for example, the minted baby potatoes, peas and crème fraîche and one based on patty-pan squash with olives and mushrooms), so on Monday, with a bit of extra time on my hands, I made this carrot based salad. I used the mini purple and orange carrots I had in the fridge, parboiling them before browning them in a cast iron frying pan. I used Thorvald sheep milk curado (a manchego style cheese) and maple syrup rather than agave since that was what I had in the larder.

The result…the combination of carrots, oranges, pecans, sultanas and salty cheese was gorgeous. A really lovely salad, that was even better for lunch the next day. I used rocket (arugula) as the base as suggested, which worked well, and sprinkled a few micro greens on top. I served it with roast chicken breasts and quinoa for an evening meal, and just as it is for lunch, with a little extra cheese on top.

Have you tried any new dishes recently? Are you like me and sit with post-it notes and mark recipes to try in books?

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  1. Your salads look really delicious – perfect for hot days and evenings! In order to take the humdrum out of providing daily meals, I try out at least one new recipe a week; this adds a bit of ‘spice’ to my cooking and in this way I have discovered some firm favourites. It is surprising how many different things can be created from the same ingredients 🙂

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  2. It’s winter in Maine, so I have been experimenting with soup. Tomorrow, a mushroom soup with a cream of cauliflower base. But will be moving on to salads as the weather gets warmer.

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  3. Yum to the salad there were some ingredients I have never heard of which is something i love about reading new recipes. My latest venture in the kitchen was all passionfruit this week. I will blog soon. Have a fun chillaxed rest of the week.

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      1. I slept through the first one 😬
        I did check the council tsunami map though, and spent the morning making sure our emergency kit was, Er, actually in existence.

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  4. That is a good looking salad!
    How wonderful that you had time & space to read and try out a new recipe and walk to your hearts content! and catching up on all your favourite things.

    We are a family that still pores over recipes books …. we leave bits of scrap paper tucked in the pages which we want to try ….

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