Six on Saturday 27.02.21

Greetings from a warm, sunny Wellington, where we are being deafened in the garden by cicadas and some rather loud tuis. All very lovely of course since it is summer after all. We had some rain this week too, so things are growing and changing by the day. I picked another handful of nasturtium seeds, and have one set pickling in a way I found thanks to Google, and the other in the way that Fred suggested last week. I will be reporting on this experiment in a few weeks! Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in. So…let’s look at this week’s six.

First up, some little wild strawberries. The top picture was taken on Tuesday, the one below today. Keeping my eye on the almost ripe one….

Next up, the Japanese anemones are still looking good, and there are also lots of buds. All the ones in our garden are pink, and was wondering if for next year I might try to get some white ones too. They are such lovely flowers, so delicate and such a pretty shape.

At number 3, the surprise borage that I mentioned last week. I know the plant spreads, but we have such a messy, wild space by our house I don’t think it would matter, and the flowers are gorgeous. The top picture is of the flowers with drops of morning rain on Friday, the bottom this afternoon.

Another plant in the mixed seed packet that came with the bee house was this tansy or lacy phacelia (according to a flower identification app at least). The top picture was taken on Friday, the one below today. The bees though are still preferring the nasturtiums and dahlia!

And so to the herbs…the replanted rosemary is thriving at least, though I must replant the other one this week while I am off work. The terrace gets really hot in the afternoon sun, so any jobs need to be done in the morning. Other featured things this week are the good old variegated sage, the flourishing parsley, the cinnamon basil and…this little bee on a basil flower.

And finally….to some of the other flowers to be seen this week…the beautiful eucomis or pineapple flower, another dahlia and my little pygmy sunflower.

So that is me for now from Wellington. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you. 

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  1. It is important to have some messy, wild places in one’s garden I find. This is where tiny seed-eating birds flourish as well as those birds and other creatures that find food in the natural mulch that collects there. Your flowers all look beautiful.

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  2. Lovely selection. I find borage flowers exquisitely beautiful. I grow phacelia too, but this week mine was all dug into my veg bed as I’m using it as a green manure. I also grow it for the flowers in summer. You’ll see the bees flock to them soon. Let us know how the nasturtium pickle tastes.

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  3. I love all your herbs…I have never heard of cinnamon basil…I’ll have to try that one. We have white Japanese anemones in the back garden and they are really lovely….the white flowers against the green foliage are stunning in the evening.

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      1. We live to learn. I have some nasturtium growing in a large pot. The year before last I was trying to encourage more to grow in other areas but it was a fail. I am not sure they got enough water. Maybe I try again


  4. The wild strawberries look promising and you have highlighted 2 of my favorites: anemone and borage. The simplicity of the anemone with its bright green center and radiating yellows and the borage whose bluest of blues is nicely set off by red stems. With respect to the new acquisition, I vote phacelia.

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  5. I like both the phacelia and the borage and would love them to be rampant in my garden! I tried borage once, but the frost killed it.Perhaps I’ll try again.

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  6. The featured photo of the sunflower is just stunning! I too love the borage and it’s self-seeding habits, well worth having that blue colour in the garden! I’m envious of your Anenome flowers! I have a white and a pink flowered plant, and neither are flowering! I live in hope that they will. I had a single phacelia plant come up in my garden last year, and I’m hoping to sow more seed this year.

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    1. My sunflower is no longer looking so good so glad I caught it when I did. Something has been enjoying eating the petals…The phacelia is great – hoping to keep that.


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