Six on Saturday 13.02.21

As I sit here in my shorts typing this post, I am well aware that the majority of SoS’ers are either gazing out at snow and/or staying indoors on the sofa with a pot of tea. Well, you just have to remember that when you have summer, we have winter… Anyway, it hasn’t all been sunshine this week as we have had a few rain showers, which of course were welcome by the plants, if not our cat. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in. 

Anyway, the second dahlia is now flowering, and I can see a couple more buds too. I love it, and will definitely try to get some more for next year. As I mentioned I think in a previous post, there should have been a pink one as well, but when I went to empty the pot the tuber had been in, I found it all sodden and rotten. Ah well…at least I have this beauty – art fair – to enjoy

I know…nasturtiums again…but they are bright and cheerful and add some colour to the front terrace. The ones turning to seed are just as fun to watch. I am considering making nasturtium capers – anyone tried this? There is a limit to how many seeds I can plant!

Over to the herbs, and both the variegated sage an the ordinary sage are looking good, and the lemon balm has come back to life. There are a couple of very delicate pale lilac flowers on the chocolate mint too. I have lots of parsley and basil still, and of course a few nasturtium petals for salads as well.

This year not only did I grow my first dahlia in a pot, but also radishes. I had never had any luck with radishes for some reason, but this year, I have a small crop of wee radishes. I can hear my father, who was a gardener by profession, laughing. He had real green fingers and could get all sorts of things to grow, but I hope he would appreciate my pot grown radishes.

The eucomis (tiny pink coral) has really come on this week and looking quite magnificent. You can see really appreciate why they are called pineapple flowers or pineapple lilies.

Finally, the Japanese anemones are beginning to flower – see the featured image at the top and below. There are buds aplenty so expect more pictures in the weeks to come.

So that is me for now from Wellington. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you. 

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  1. Very cold here u til yesterday, Barbara, only to be replaced by rainfall warning. That said, rain brings back the mild temperatures. I even spotted a few runners in shorts!
    The pineapple lily is my favourite this week. Looks like a small dainty (wee) thing?

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  2. Everything’s frozen solid here, so your photos are gratefully appreciated! I think I’m a day behind Pádraig – it’s still cold but with rain and milder weather forecast for tomorrow.

    Nothing wrong with more Nasturtium photos! I’ve not tried the seeds, but the flowers have a sort of peppery taste.

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  3. Just bought two packets of Nasturtium seeds – Empress of India and Tip Top Velvet.
    They are both red, which I am sure will be my favourite Got these after seeing ones in one of your earlier posts.
    Would like some orange ones as well – will have to see in another shop maybe.

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  4. I was looking at pictures from our New Zealand trip in 2006/7 just yesterday. On 9the January we were in Nelson, then Abel Tasman, having flown the day before from Hamilton via Wellington. How long ago, far away, profoundly different and exotic it seems now. Hard to reconcile with your homely and familiar posts about your garden. Was it really the same place?

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    1. I guess it is the difference between living in a place and visiting? We have been here 8 years and I still get a thrill about having giant ferns in the garden and listening to the cicadas in the summer.


  5. Gorgeous pineapple lily! The photo is very pretty and I can’t wait to see mine in bloom… I also enjoyed seeing this cute little radish and it made me think that I will soon be able to sow mine… under cover of course!

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  6. Lovely pineapple lily……and perfect nasturtium. 😉 Yes, it’s very cold, too cold to work in the garden, but, as you say, you will be shivering when we are enjoying the summer warmth.

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  7. The pineapple lily is nice, are they easy to grow? Well done on the radishes – I love them in a summer garden salad. With nasturtium flowers too for colour! Interested to know what you end up doing with the capers…

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  8. OH, it’s so nice to sunshine somewhere! I LOVE the Pineapple lily on top! How cool is that? I really like that lavenderish colored Japanese anemone. I have a lot of lavender, white and green in my really really really small garden

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  9. I love the delicate flowers of the herbs, the Japanese flower is so cool. My dahlias are budding I m little excited prob too excited, I check them every day, lol. That’s so great the radishes grew for you, radish juice dissolves gall stones, sorry just a random bit of info. I’m glad you have had some rain. Have wonderful rest of the weekend & a fantastic week ahead.

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  10. It’s so lovely to see your sunny flowers. I always appreciate your various nasturtiums and the Eucomis is a lovely one too. Enjoy the warmth!

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