Six on Saturday 19.12.20

So here we are – the second last Saturday of 2020 and the first day of three weeks away from the office for a decent summer/Christmas break. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to days of reading, cooking, tidying up (satisfaction of when that is done rather than the act itself) and of course some weeding gardening. While the sun is shining here, I have seen some snow pictures in parts of the northern hemisphere, making things look cold and white. I hope that wherever you are the weather is what you would expect for December! Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in. 

First up, I could not help it: I just had to order these saffron bulbs when the email about their availability popped into my box. There are five bulbs, which I will plant next week. It will be interesting to see what happens and if I get to harvest any actual saffron threads! The box they came in had ‘happy gardening’ hand written on the side (see the featured image above) which was such a lovely touch.

Next up, some more alstroemeria or Peruvian lilies. Mostly a bight yellow, there are a few orange ones lurking there too. There are still lots more to come – in fact one might say there are perhaps a few too many – but they do add such a bright spot of colour in the summer.

And now to the weeds growing beside the steps up to the house – yes, agapanthus. They come back year after year both blue and white. They’ll be in full flower next week.

And so to more flowering plants that seem to pop up everywhere…nasturtiums. These are this weeks flowers, including more of the surprise plant that has sprung up underneath the decking and spreading up the fencing. I’m afraid there’ll be more of these in future posts!

Over to the herbs, and the echinacea is looking pretty, the pineapple sage needs a new pot, and there are some flowers on one of the oregano plants. All my parsley has now gone to seed, and the supermarket pot basil seems to be surviving but not exactly thriving. Perhaps I can used this as an excuse to go to the garden centre…if one is needed…

Finally, a view of bright blue skies through the tecomanthe speciosa, perhaps a sign of hope for 2021 after such an unprecedented 2020. This year has affected our lives in different ways, but I sincerely hope that all fellow SoSers have a fruitful (sorry…) and happy new year.

I’m not sure if I will be here next week as it is Boxing Day, so if not, will see you here in 2021. So that is my six for this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you. 

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  1. I love all the vibrant colours in your post this week! Alstromerias, Nasturtiums, Agapanthus looking so good with ferns! Interested to hear how the saffron harvest goes, it will save a few bob to grow at home!

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  2. Then we will have the flowering Agapanthus for the New Year!
    Have a Merry Christmas Barbara and a happy end of the year : see you soon to read you and the next of “the New Zealand adventures” !


  3. I didn’t know alstromeria were also Peruvian lilies, just as the Shoofly plant is called Apple of Peru. Nice to see Nasturtiums again, do you not have them bothered by blackfly? Anyway, lovely Six-on-Saturday……have a good Christmas.

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  4. What a delight this post is! I don’t think you could ever have too many of those Peruvian lilies. Good luck with saffron. Yes, that was a lovely touch on the box. Enjoy your vacation!

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  5. Ah the beautiful blue skies. So lovely to see. I’m very excited to see how your saffron turns out – how exciting and do keep us posted. Happy Christmas Barbara.

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  6. It is so nice to see all these fantastic bright, sunny flowers just now. I adore nasturtiums and don’t mind them popping up unexpectedly. If they get too much I just eat them, lol. Have a good Christmas break and enjoy your reading etc.

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  7. I’ve featured an Alstromeria this week too, the first I’ve ever planted, so I hope it spreads around. I love your nasturtiums, they are such sunny flowers. I have difficulty growing them here for some reason.

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