Virtual afternoon tea, December 2020

Fellow New Zealand blogger Zimmerbitch hosts a virtual tea party each month, where we can all get together virtually and catch up on news and share a cup of tea. As she states, this year the concept of sharing virtual food and drink has almost become the norm. Who would have thought that this time last year.

It is summer here in New Zealand, so I have made some tomato toasts, topped with micro greens and lots of salt and pepper. There are also date scones should you so wish, and I have even made biscuits (or cookies).

When we were at Levels 3 and 4 lockdown here in New Zealand (March/April/May), like so many other people around the globe, I seemed to do far more baking than normal. Added to this, having my step-son with us at this time meant there was an extra person to eat it all. There were banana breads, cakes and of course, biscuits, such as these salty buckwheat chocolate chunk cookies (recipe from Bon Appetit). The buckwheat flour means these treats have quite a distinctive taste, and mixed with dark chocolate and salt, means a more sophisticated version of the chocolate chip cookie.

So please enjoy, and let’s enjoy some pre-Christmas afternoon tea. Only a week to go now until Christmas Eve, when we will have friends around to share our Swedish Julafton table. God Jul!

You can find Thistles and Kiwis on Facebook, and also on Instagram@thistleandkiwis.  As for Twitter….am totally inactive these days.  If you want to get in touch, email me on


  1. Having a virtual tea with you always makes me smile. Must have been fun to cook for your stepson. Always great to have a good eater in the house. God Jul to you and your friends. Sure hope there will be pictures.

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  2. Thank you so much for joining us. It is lovely to have a fellow Kiwi blogger (and a Scot!) along.

    I’ll have one of everything please! I have a serious weakness for scones, and am intrigued by your chocolate chip cookies. I use buckwheat groats a bit, but haven’t cooked with the flour. I will have to give these a go.

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    1. Oh I know what you mean about scones! So hard to resist. The cookies do taste a little different because of the mix of flours but if you have eaten buckwheat you know what to expect. Love the idea of these virtual teas!

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      1. Thanks. I like the taste of buckwheat, though I’m not sure the rest of the family do (“more for me” pops into my head).

        I’m glad you enjoy the teas; thanks again for joining us.

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  3. Oh my goodness! Those cookies look divine (I’ve been listening to podcasts about cookies and my brain is filled with them!). I am trying to imagine what the buckwheat flour would taste like. I don’t have any in my larder – but I do have spelt …. wonder if that would work?

    Your table is set so beautifully, and your food sooooo delicious (as always). I can always count on you to get my salivary glands going when I visit!

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