This week’s small pleasures #216

A few things have happened this week in the world. The endless wait for the US election results (phew!) came to an end, though I fear it isn’t over yet, despite Biden winning. The final results of the New Zealand election and referendums were announced by the Electoral Commission on Friday after all the special votes (eg from those overseas) were counted. Labour won 50% of the vote, with one extra seat after the extra votes were added, National lost two seats and the Māori party gained one. In the legalise cannabis referendum 50.7% said no, and the End of Life Choice Act resulted in 65% yes. And of course we still follow Covid stories – the good – easing of restrictions in the Australian state of Victoria – and the bad – rising deaths in Europe. Oh and a 100-year old carrier pigeon message has been found (see the story here).

And so we turn to the things that have made us smile this week, or just those little things that bring joy, that we enjoy and can share with others too. From bright coloured supermarket tulips to meeting a colleague’s new baby, to more photographs of my newest great-nephew to a very special chocolate delivery, all wrapped up in gold paper, from The Chocolate Bar (more on that in a later post).

Continuing with food…(well, chocolate is a food group isn’t it?), we went for pizza at Scopa on Tuesday after the book launch, enjoyed our first strawberries of the season and I made meatballs twice! The first set was Julia Turshen’s ricotta and turkey meatballs, a firm favourite in our house, with some baby spinach leaves added to the tomato sauce. The second batch – I forgot to take a picture – were Ottolenghi’s lamb and feta meatballs from his book Simple, which I served with couscous, roasted aubergines in yoghurt and a big salad.

It was strange not going to Squirrel café and Pilates on Saturday morning as has been my normal routine for ages, but we still went grocery shopping of course, picking up some goat camembert, lemons, avocados, fancy Italian tuna, and shallots. I spotted some purple asparagus, which not only looks lovely but I believe has a slightly milder taste, and bunch of garlic scapes, which are in season just now. Garlic scapes are the stalks that grow from the bulbs of garlic plants, and taste like mild, sweet garlic. I fried them in butter and olive oil and added lemon juice, and served them alongside the couscous and meatballs. I also picked up a few pea pods, as after all, it is the season.

There were also walks in the Botanic Gardens to say hello to the ducks, weekend afternoon naps, dinner at friends on Saturday, a bit of gardening….just lots of little things to make me smile.

Anyway, that is my quick round up on some of this week’s small pleasures. Here are some of my fellow bloggers small pleasures:

All things bright and beautiful and a stroll in the Healing Garden.

Little pieces of me Grateful Fridays.

And there was a birthday over at Trent’s World.

Wherever you are, take care and look out for those little things that bring you joy. What were your small pleasures of the week just past? 

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  1. What a week it’s been in the U.S. And, unfortunately, the story isn’t over. Trump doesn’t have an ounce of grace, and he’s doing what he can to poison the process. I don’t think he’ll succeed, but it’s more ugliness to be endured. Bring on the chocolate and tulips!!!!

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  2. You certainly had a blessed week with many things to make you smile. The goat cheese avocado and tuna made my mouth water as did the pretty gift wrap from the Chocolate bar.

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