Six on Saturday 07.11.20

Here we are in November and heading towards the end of the year and summer. The days have been warmer – and wetter – and the past week has seen an enormous amount of growth around the house. It looks a bit like a jungle to be honest! Anyway, it is time for Six on Saturday. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in. 

First up, it is a grey day but at least it is dry, so I have actually had a chance to get out and start potting out some of my new plants. Of course, I need more potting mix, but luckily there is some down in the car to pick up and hopefully get some more planting tomorrow. There is a lot that needs repotting too so lots of work still to do. (Just checked the weather and it looks like rain….).

I was surprised to see this spraxis I planted earlier this year. They do usually flower in late spring/early summer, but I had kind of given up on them as the plants were not looking that bright. Anyway, it is really pretty, especially with early morning rain drops!

Meanwhile, more nasturtiums appeared too this week. I never tire of them and have more seeds to plant too. I just love their shape and bright colours.

Next up, and also the featured image this week, are these beautiful bright red flowers on the pineapple sage. Long, elegant and quite pretty to look at.

At number five, a foxglove again. Ever since Fred, a French Gardener mentioned he thought the flowers look like whales, I have been trying to see the resemblance. I have obviously missed something 🙂

Finally….the oregano, mint, thyme, echinacea and the new sage are all looking good, one of my parsley plants has bolted and now the older rosemary plant is showing signs of needing some attention. And…the carrot top I planted out for fun is flowering. I should really move it on and use the pot for something else, but it fun to see what can be done from a carrot top and a saucer of water!

That is my colourful six for this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you. 

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  1. Thank you, Barbara. That’s a lovely Six selection, particularly the Sparaxis. I had them several years ago and planted a new batch in three little pots only yesterday.

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    1. 😂 Haha… not in these photos but last week I pictured a whale with its mouth open and some of the foxgloves I grow remind me of this animal … maybe I’m the only one … or a little tired then ..😅

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  2. As I said, the pineapple sage flowers are very pretty with this bright red with an aspect of velvet. Red sage is one of the first flowers that I grew up here, unfortunately they only make their things a summer season. I also do like spraxis flowers. Good luck with them.

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    1. 🙂 I might try again with spraxis next year. I think the pot was in the wrong spot – there is something about being next to the house that a lot of plants don’t seem to like for some reason.

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  3. Indeed a very colourful Six on Saturday. Spring from the other side of the World very nice to see. We are preparing for our Spring. I’ve planted hundreds of bulbs and just got 40 tulips to plants. Then there the 6 plants I bought online only because there was 50% off. Just could not resist. I’m going to have to get into propagating next year, save loads. Cheers for now. oh, btw I do really like your many postings, wonderful, thank you.

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  4. My pineapple sage is just beginning to flower too! And I cut the main plant right back in spring and planted the bits, so now I have three pots flowering! The cuttings seem to take very easily. I just stuck them in a pot of compost and left them outside. They are in the conservatory now though as I don’t think they like being too wet. Or cold. I used to grow Sparaxis bulbs (from SA I think) but haven’t done so in years, they are such pretty flowers.

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    1. I wonder if I should started the spraxis indoors? Anyway. will see what happens with the rest and try again next year in a different spot. Oh good to know about the pineapple sage – might try taking some cuttings myself.


      1. Here we just plant the bulbs in pots outside. In SA they grow during the wet winter season, flower in spring and are dormant over summer. They favour a warm, protected spot in the garden.


  5. Interesting as always what you are growing, Spraxis is new to me and I love it! Nice Foxgloves – I am just about to plant some Nasturtiums here it is raining and dreadful today.

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  6. I haven’t grown Spraxis for a few years now – I did have a lovely orangey one but I think your pink one is pretty as a picture.

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  7. So wonderful to see summer coming in. Here my foxgloves are potted on seedlings overwintering until next year. The mint is barely alive but the parsley in the gh is doing well. Spraix is entirely new to me, so much to learn from SOS

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