This week’s small pleasures #212

So….here we are…another Monday…..and the skies are grey and the rain is pouring down in contrast to weather earlier last week as you can see from the featured image at the top of the post of the gorgeous wisteria in Thorndon. Ah well…the plants needed the rain I guess!

Spring flowers

While the daffodils are mostly past, there are lots of tulips. I didn’t plant any this year, but did find these gorgeous striped ones the other day. A real small pleasure.


So yes it has been a bit of a foodie week again, from dinner at Field & Green on Thursday to the wonderful ciabatta from Arobake. There were crumpets at Squirrel on Saturday morning and some of my favourite dill goat cheese from Martinborough based The Drunken Nanny.


On Saturday afternoon, we went to Winetopia, an event showcasing New Zealand wines. This had been postponed from earlier in the year, but was able to take place this weekend instead. As usual, we tasted quite a few wines from all over the country, enjoyed food from Egmont Street Eatery (a crayfish roll for me and a lamb one for Karl) and bought some wine to bring home.


On Sunday we headed out to the cinema, to see the French film The Mystery of Henri Pick. The film is entered around the film’s enigmatic title character who, two years after his death, has a highly successful novel published in his name. However, not everyone is convinced of the author’s authenticity of this overnight sensation. A lovely literary mystery film, and just perfect for a Sunday. We were first into the cinema, hence all the empty seats, but it give you an idea of our favourite movie theatre in Wellington, The Lighthouse.

Anyway, that is my quick round up on some of this week’s small pleasures. Check out Laurie Graves’ Friday Favourites over at Notes From the Hinterland and All Things Bright and Beautiful for other small pleasures.

Wherever you are, take care and look out for those little things that bring you joy. What were your small pleasures of the week just past? 

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  1. Food, wine and movies — perfect. I love the Lighthouse. When I was visiting Welly regularly, I used to stay in the Cq hotel round the corner and saw so many great films. Nostalgic sigh!

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  2. I haven’t seen many Tulips this year just more Freesias and Daffodils but they are always welcome.


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