This week’s small pleasures #209

It is Monday again, so time for a round up of this week’s small pleasures. I worked at home all week, though spending 2.5 days in Zoom meetings is really not my idea of fun. Luckily, I was able to get out into the garden or go to the Botanic Gardens for walks, but still, I just longed for non-screen time.

Anyway, it is spring, and everywhere there are flowers. Tulips, the last of the daffodils, blossom…all sorts of gorgeous blooms. This time of year sees these lilies everywhere, growing on verges, in people’s gardens, in fields. Quite lovely, I think this one is reminiscent of a Georgia O’Keefe work.

Still on flowers, I bought these tulips pictured below to add a lovely splash of colour to our downstairs space. They are quite a lovely, deep pink, and since I didn’t plant any tulips, bring that sign of spring home.

Moving on from flowers, on Wednesday a friend and I went to the New Zealand School of Dance to see a private coaching session with classical tutors Qi Huan and Nadine Tyson. The students briefly rehearsed and than danced some pieces from the classical repertoire. It was a lovely interlude in a busy week, and so nice to be out seeing dance again. The school as you can imagine has had to cope when under lockdown at Levels 3 and 4, and some students have not yet been able to return to New Zealand, leaving some classes rather smaller than usual.

No Small Pleasures post would be without something on food. There was a warm, toasted cheese scone with butter to have with a cup of tea, there was smoked salmon toast on Saturday morning, and fish and chips for Thursday dinner at The Shepherd’s Arms. I bought a broccoflower on Saturday, because it looked so fresh and good to eat, aubergines to make moussaka, tomatoes because it has been so long since I have had tomatoes on toast for breakfast and a couple of tangelos for something different in the fruit bowl.

The weather at the weekend was gorgeous, with a lot of spring sunshine and blue skies. There was time to read, cook and relax and even defrost the freezer. There was time to catch up on an Agatha Christie on BBC Sounds, and the first three episodes of series two of Criminal on Netflix (recommended). There was even time for an afternoon nap…

And finally…we are moving into Level 1 at midnight tonight! All of New Zealand that is except Auckland, that remains at Level 2. So maybe life will just become a little more normal again – masks will no longer be compulsory on public transport and hopefully if we stay like this, no more events will be cancelled. Let’s hope so.

Anyway, that is my quick round up on some of this week’s small pleasures. Check out All things bright and beautiful for her small pleasures this week and Laurie Graves Friday Favourites on Notes From the Hinterland. Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

So that is it for this week. Wherever you are, take care and look out for those little things that bring you joy. What were your small pleasures of the week just past? 

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  1. Hadn’t heard of the show “Criminal.” Sure has an all-star cast. I’ll have to check it out. That fringed white tulip is oh so lovely, and what a sight it must be to see all those lilies by the side of the road. Holy cats!

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    1. It is a great show – Series 1 also had episodes from France and Germany, Series 2 seems to be the UK only. Yes those lilies are everywhere! As Amy says below, they just grow by themselves.


  2. Those white arum lillies grow everywhere by themselves. They are literally all around the far north. But my roses are finally blooming!

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  3. Lovely capture of the tulips. Flowers and food, yes to both even at the same time. Oh and days with no wind and plenty of sun which we are having today.

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  4. Did you say you lived in Denmark? Got me right there so I had to explore your blog further. What a lovely introduction to your blog. Especially enjoyed the tulip post. It is lovely that the Covid menace is receding in our part of the world. I have a magpie friend return to my garden and a lunch with friends, shopping with my daughter. The simple pleasures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I lived in Denmark for just over 8 years before moving to New Zealand. We have been here for almost 8 years (January anniversary). So glad you have enjoyed the blog. And yes – simple pleasures are often the best.

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      1. After eight years, may I ask if you were yearning for a change or had Denmark captured your heart like it has mine? ( Even though I live in Australia)


        1. We moved as my husband got a job here in New Zealand. We had planned to move away from Denmark at some point. Denmark didn’t capture my heart the same way New Zealand has. I never felt quite at home there.


        2. I am sorry you didn’t enjoy your time there. Is there anything in particular you like about NZ that was missing from Danish life?


        3. The people, seeing hills, and Wellington is such a green city with open spaces and nature on your doorstep. The food in supermarkets is better quality too!


        4. Seeing hills!! Lol. O get that. Better quality food? Are you serious? If so, you can’t be talking about the Danish bakeries!


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