Six on Saturday 19.09.20

Today the sun is shining, but if you had asked me on Friday morning, I would have given you quite a different answer, when the rain pounding on the roof woke me up during the night. Yes, another week of spring weather with strong winds (120km per hour), pouring rain and warm sunshine all featuring. As a result, a few things have taken a bit of a battering (one of our chairs blew onto some of the daffodils for example, and a large branch fell of one of the ferns). Anyway, thanks once again to  The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in.

And so to the last few daffodils brightening up the front of the house. I have so enjoyed our display this year, and am so tempted to get even more bulbs next year…maybe! The jonquils are still standing strong and firm, despite the wild weather, and will definitely be on the look out for more of these next year (space permitting…we don’t need to sit outside, do we?).

The first of the ajuga are flowering, providing a lovely splash of blue in amongst the green. We have a decent patch at the side of the house around the base of the mahonia and in between the clumps of hellebores.

In the same area of the garden, a word I hesitate to you as it often looks like a bit of the surrounding bush, the hellebores are still looking so beautiful. I just love them.

To the herbs….lots of thyme, parsley and mint, and signs of life from the bee balm bergamot that I had kind of forgotten about, sitting in its corner. To be frank, I need to take a week off work and spend the time repotting, sewing new seeds, and generally having a spring clean of everything outside. Would have to hope for good weather of course! Oh and the spots on the leaves? Dust from the storm

At number five, rhododendron buds. Actually, there are a couple in flower but high up and far away so no chance to take a picture. Most of the ‘rhodos’ in the Botanic gardens and round and about are either in flower or coming into flower, but this one is always just a bit late. It isn’t the most healthy of plants, but I love it and it is an old and well established tree.

Finally, I hope someone can identify the plant below. It covers an area at the back of the house, and I think probably an invasive weed, but it does look quite pretty. The area it is in couldn’t be used for much else I don’t think as it does not get a whole lot of sun. Anyway, whatever it is, it has very pretty yellow flowers. Actually, I think someone did identify this a while back, but a search through old posts didn’t uncover anything.

So that’s it for me this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you.

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  1. Wow, your weather sounds crazy! Loving your daffs, I am very fond of the jonquil. Such a great word too. It is planting time here, I am sure you will be inspiring people to get to the bulb shop. Stay safe.

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  2. Yellow archangel is a native wildflower across Europe but the silver blotched version you have is a garden escape and becoming very common here. I find it is extremely invasive and try to keep it down, with limited success.

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  3. The almost orange shade of these daffodils is really pretty ! I was just cleaning the flower beds where there are ajugas because they kindly take up space …. yours are in bloom and mine don’t arrive until next spring.

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      1. I haven’t gone overboard yet. I can wait for cheap bargains later in the season. Alice chose a pot for her tulips and I got a few primula and viola seeds. Going to try to grow more of my own bedding plants.

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  4. I love the blue of ajuga. I have two small patches, but it propagates so easily I’ll make more. Oh, that yellow archangel is lovely! I’d be sure to find some if I had the shade area it needs.

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  5. Love the daffodils and you made me realize I need Thyme, now! I had the Yellow Archangel in another garden – we called it Aluminum Foil Plant! It will take over, especially in clay soils.

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  6. The narcissi in the first photo are so pretty with their peachy coloured trumpets, a very welcome addition to your garden, I should think.
    Dear old Wellington, turning on 120km winds!

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  7. Every year I say the same thing about planting more bulbs! I love that cover shot, the pink is so sweet. Lovely roundup of what’s happening int he garden at this time of year 🙂

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  8. love the daffs, your posts are a nagging reminder that i have to plant mine! and of course, you know the answer to the “should I plant more?” question. course you should.

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  9. I screenshoted your mystery plant and used Plant Net phone app. The result indicates that it is lamium galeobdolon. Hope you’ve had a good week, Barbara and that no more chairs went flying. I’m very late catching up on all my SOS reading this week.

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