Saturday mornings

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will be familiar with my Small Pleasures posts. You may have noticed that Saturday mornings feature quite a lot in these posts. Well, not only are mornings my favourite part of the day, Saturday mornings are possibly my favourite part of the week. Free from work with the weekend ahead…a real small pleasure in itself.

Despite it being the weekend. I still get up early, have a cup of tea and take a shower then take a bus into town. Standing under the tree at the bus stop, I try to decide what to have for my Saturday treat at Squirrel cafe. I get on the bus and smile and say hello to a familiar stranger I see each week, then spend the journey just looking out of the window, just thinking and contemplating.

Walking to Squirrel, 8:30am

I order tea, and on this occasion, the crumpets, and chat to the wait staff and some of the other Saturday morning regulars before sitting down with my book for a quiet time of reading, drinking tea and enjoying my morning treat.

There are always flowers on the table, and service is always with a smile (and the top up my teapot for free). Sitting with a book in my favourite cafe…such a joy.

But then it is time for Pilates, so I head off upstairs. The Saturday class is always invigorating and challenging, and I come out mentally and physically charged and ready to go.

At the Pilates studio

I then meet Karl for grocery shopping. Now, I know a lot of people don’t find this either interesting or fun, treating it as a chore, but I love browsing the vegetables, the bread, the pastas and grains, the cheeses. And then it is time for lunch…and the afternoon.

Saturday shopping

What is your favourite moment in the week?

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  1. The plates studio is above the cafe? That’s handy!
    What a lovely start to the weekend. In my case, my weekly treat recently has been Thursday lunch at our favourite café. Before or afterwards we browse the farmers market, akin to your vegetable shopping.
    You’ll be aware also that I really do like my early morning stroll through the garden, followed by breakfast outside while the weather is warm.
    So important for us to be grateful for small pleasures!


  2. There’s not enough quiet time in cafes these days, they are such bustling places of conversation but sometimes it’s good to settle with a book.


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