Six on Saturday Midwinter 2020

Today is midsummer in the northern hemisphere. and today is the big Swedish midsummer celebrations. For us of course it is the opposite, with us reaching our shortest day and longest night. It has been an awful week in many ways, particularly weather wise, with continuous rain from Wednesday night. As today is also my husband’s birthday, and it is raining, there is no proper Six on Saturday post, as we have been celebrating Swedish midsummer in midwinter and the birthday. Plus I have been unable to get out and do anything this week. So no proper post from me this week but thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

Number one….it gets dark quite early….and as it has been so grey and wet, it has felt dark all week.

Friday night

Below is the scene at 8am this morning…you can see the tecomanthe speciosa on the right. There are still flowers, but it has been to wet to properly have a look.

Saturday morning

You can see how wet it is below. Certainly things are looking green, but it has been impossible to do anything outside this week.

Pots in the wet

So inside….I bought these lovely iris to brighten things up indoors. I just love the colours, and should really plan on planting some if I can find a spot outside.

An iris

The cacti are all fine, the other indoor plants are looking healthy. I love the shape of this cactus.


Finally, the camellia are all still looking good, despite the rain. I’m hoping that the weather will improve to get out and see the display in the Botanic Gardens.

Camellias in the rain

That is all from me this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and are having better weather than us!

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  1. That cactus looks as though it’s ready to crawl right out of its pot. Happy birthday to your husband! And, please, send some of your rain our way. We are officially in a drought.

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  2. We also have rain. And for midsummer it has been dark and gloomy most evenings. At least you are on the up now whereas we are on the way down.


  3. I hope your rain stops soon. It’s summer here, and I hope ours stops too. Your iris is lovely, and that’s a really unusual cactus.


  4. What a shame you’ve experienced such poor weather especially on such auspicious occasions.
    I do like the Cactus featured in your blog, as you say it’s unusual. The iris is stunning. Hope you get some better weather soon. We are in a spell of very warm weather for this week.


      1. We’ve had a wonderful warm day with a breeze. Spent a fair amount of time clearing the back garden of bindweed and brambles. Phew 😅 that was tough going and still yet more to do.

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