Six on Saturday 13.06.20

Well, things are getting back to ‘normal’ here in New Zealand as I mentioned in my post yesterday. Shops are open, cinemas are not dark anymore, and unfortunately I have to go back to the office on Monday. It has been for me at least, nice to work at home, staring out the window at the camellias coming into flower and watching the birds when I need a break from the computer screen. Not a lot new to report this week other than it is definitely getting colder, but anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, this week’s picture of the tecomanthe speciosa. If you saw Monday’s post, you would have seen I found two plants in the Botanic Gardens last week. I have become just slightly obsessed with watching what is going on…this picture below is the the state of play today.

The tecomanthe is still in flower

Another update..the pink camellias…the one below is from the steps up to the house, the featured image one is from the front of the house (the top of the bush is just covered in flowers…hence my remark above…), and there is another bush at the back of the house just coming into flower as well (see below). The other bush that has those big, blousy flowers, is still in bud. The tuis love the camellias, and it is lovely to see them poking their beaks into the blooms.

Pink camellia of the week

I hope it isn’t cheating to treat the white camellia as different from the pink? The bush is looking so gorgeous right now, with a mix of these gorgeous white flowers and pink buds.

Everywhere you look there are berries, little bright red jewels popping up on all sorts of bushes. These are from the front of the house, but there are plenty more to be seen in all sorts of hidden corners.

Berries – that time of year

Last week, I posted a picture of some daffodil bulbs peeping up above the soil already. The big picture below is how they look today. The other two pictures taken on Wednesday and Friday, are from the Botanic Gardens, just to show it isn’t just my bulbs that are coming up at this time of year. Mine are bulbs from last year I left in the pots I should point out, not the ones recently planted!

Finally, I tried to capture the back of the house – camellia, the magnolia buds and the general ‘greenness’ of winter. It may be cold, we may have the heating on, but we still have a lot to look at outside.

That is all from me this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well in whatever state of lockdown or not you may be in.

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  1. The flowers on the tecomanthe seem so unusual and rather appealing, in a curious way… Are the berries from the Camellias? Do birds devour them? That’s a beautiful view in your backyard!

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  2. Love the tangle of green in your backyard. Sorry that you have to back to your office and can’t continue working for home. I have a friend who works in publishing, and she things that working at home will be a permanent thing for the editorial team, even when a vaccine comes out. My daughter’s company, not so much. It all depends.

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    1. I am hoping my employer changes their old fashioned attitudes and let us work at home a bit. Fingers crossed! In the meantime I can at least now get into town and get my husband’s birthday present!

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  3. A shame you can’t continue to work from home, I think that is a much better way of working if possible, although I can understand that if you have children at home or no private space it can be difficult. Congratulations on having a superb PM who nipped the pandemic in the bud in your country whereas ours “hums and haws”, locks down too late, lets anyone into the country and is now bowing to pressure from the Tory sponsors to open up businesses and travel without any quarantine restrictions – all far too soon. Me? I’m staying well away from anyone as much as I can! Thank goodness for our gardens!

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    1. I’m hoping that my employer (a government agency that is way behind the times compared to other similar institutions) will allow us to work at home a couple of days a week. There has certainly been a call for it from the union and staff. Yes I must admit that I can’t believe how New Zealand has dealt with this. The vast majority of people got on board and locked down. Yes the economy suffered, but people survived, and people can rebuild the economy. You are very wise to stick to your garden! Take care.


  4. always a joy to see bulbs poking their way through! i am now on tenterhooks waiting for some late planted gladioli to come through. congrats on being covid-free!


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