This week’s small pleasures #185

It is Monday again, and I am determined to keep reminding myself of the small pleasures of the week. And there have been some too. For a start, there has been some lovely, sunny autumn days, the fun of Zoom Saturday drinks and chutney making (more on that on Wednesday). There was also this piece of graffiti. NZ stand together – first went up after the Christchurch shootings last year and has remained ever since. Some bright spark has changed it to read NZ stand 2m apart…it really brought a smile to my face.

A message for our times!

Next up, my chilli plants, which sit in front of my work area. As I mentioned last week, I am watching them ripen and change colour by the day. It has become a real obsession, but oh so lovely to look at too.

The autumn sunshine has brought with it many lovely shadows and light. This was a reflection of a star we have hanging in the window opposite, adding something to the wall behind the large and unruly spider plant (and Swedish flag). It just looked so lovely.

Star reflection

While I may not have had my usual Saturday routine, I did do a Pilates class over Zoom in the morning, which I thoroughly enjoyed and which really energised me. It was good to see familiar faces too. On Saturday afternoon, I watched the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s production from last year of Hansel and Gretel. It was shown three times over the weekend, and I see they have planned another work for the Easter weekend. What a joy and what a fantastic way to bring ballet into the home when we can’t get out to see it live.

It’s been a bit odd with cooking and food, as I’m not going shopping (you are supposed to have a designated shopper and I don’t drive), but equally it means I have to be a bit more creative at times, livening up some ordinary sausages by cooking them with rich Puy lentils, using tins of tuna for a creamy pasta dish and so on. We still managed to have some nice bread for Sunday breakfast though.


And finally….Charlie….who seems very happy he has three humans who are at home all the time….even though he spends most of the day sleeping.


So wherever you are, take care and look out for those little things that bring you joy in these strange times. What were your small pleasures of the week past? 

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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  1. As always, wonderful to read about your small pleasures. I especially like the shadows on the wall. And sleeping Charlie. That bread looks pretty darned good, too.


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