Six on Saturday 04.04.20

In contrast to last Saturday, today is gloriously sunny and bright, with blue skies to gladden the heart. I was able to get out and do some tidying up, and found enough compost to repot one of the tarragon plants. I discovered I can order bulbs online still, so that is a weekend task, though goodness knows when they will arrive and where I will put them! Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

Well, the blue skies…the bird song…and the bagpipes! When I went outside after lunch to potter around a bit, I could distinctly hear bagpipes being played, and rather well too. It was kind of incongruous but also fun. A different musical accompaniment than usual to weeding I must say.

Blue skies, bird song and….bagpipes…

Early this morning I went out to start tidying up the area to the side of the house where there is not a huge amount of sunlight. There is a patch of very poor soil on a sort of raised bed, which should really be dug over and sorted out. In the meantime, I just try to keep things tidy, trim unwanted long branches creeping from below (see picture 1). Picture 2 and 3 are a sort of before and after. The pot you see in the corner is broken, but I have just stood it there for a bit of colour. You can also see one of the kawakawa bushes over the fence, and another one below. In fact, we have several around the house – pictures next week.

And so to fungi…it is autumn after all. I found these two little specimens nestled under one of the basil plants. You must admit that they are quite beautiful when you look at the gills underneath.

Two little fungi

No Thistles and Kiwis SoS post would be complete without a herb update. Below you can see the pineapple sage (looking good after a lot of rain during the week), the purple basil and marjoram. Also looking good is the mint, parsley and sage.

The Japanese anemones are still looking good, but nearing the end of their flowering season. We’ve had a fantastic display, that has been much needed during these days of being confined to our bubble.

Japanese anemones

The first thing you spot if you look out of the French windows downstairs are the cornflowers. Their eye-catching bright blue is such a pleasure to see.


That is all from me this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Take care out there! Kia kaha.

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  1. How wonderful for a Scot to hear the pipes so far from home! Lovely shot of the fern, beautiful. So pleased the sun is out for you again. The cornflower photo is most beautiful. Hope you did well in the pub quiz!

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  2. Now I need to work out how to put a sound track onto my blog so it plays, distantly, all the time someone is looking at it. Like the pipes did in my head while I read yours.

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  3. I love how lush and green you are! We grew up like that in Wisconsin, but here in Colorado, it is much more arid and dry. Looking at your beautiful pics, I realize how much I miss that. Thank you for sharing and making my mind wander a bit.

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  4. Bagpipes! I’d love it & hope the player’s family does as well. They’d have no choice, would they? That corn flower blue is smashing. What a lovely way to end the blog. Will you plant anything in the broken pot or is it too broken? I’ve planted broken pots after laying them on their side. That type ceramic looks good regardless.

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  5. Bagpipe music while you work in your yard! What fun. Your herbs look great, and those anemones and cornflowers continue to give delight. How exquisite each one is in its own way—one subtle and the other vibrant. Both a great pleasure, I should imagine.

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  6. Perfect timing! I bought a pack of cornflower seeds last week and was deciding where to sow them earlier today. I hope some of mine are that colour. Interesting Six-on-Saturday. I’m looking forward to seeing the kawakawa bush next week.

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  7. Gosh, cornflowers. Been a long, long time since I grew them. Maybe next year I will give them a go. My pineapple sage is flowering again now (indoors) which is odd because it flowers around Christmas time. But then I did cut it down so maybe that’s what has prompted it to have another go. Soon be time to pop it back outdoors.Your Japanese anemones seem to last far longer than mine. And your herbs look and sound delicious. Can’t wait for mine to perk up again.

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  8. I had to look up Kia kaha, I love it and your tree ferns look magnificent. Also growing Pineapple Sage here, haven’t eaten any yet, it doesn’t really smell that fruity to me. Kia kaha


  9. Lovely six! Did you ever find out why someone was playing the bagpipes! The herbs are looking good – since it is your autumn, do they go through the winter for you?


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