This week’s small pleasures #184

I’m not going to mention you know what. This weekly post is about small pleasures, and I believe at this time with all that is going on, it is even more important to think about what has brought a smile to our faces as the week has gone by.

First up, I mentioned we got some bread delivered from Shelly Bay Bakery on Wednesday. This was one of the loaves, a country sour dough, which we enjoyed for several days as bread and toast. I’m tempted to order their sourdough starter kit, and join everyone else in baking sourdough and uploading pictures to Instagram!


While not quite my normal Saturday morning routine, I was able to still do a Pilates class, thanks to one of my teachers creating some mat classes for us to do at home. I so appreciate this! On Saturday evening, we got together with some friends, virtually naturally, for a quiz night. I think it was more about picking the most obscure and difficult questions….but it was great fun and we plan to do this again.

I made scones and a small batch or orange curd to have with them on Sunday. The scones were lovely and fluffy, and the curd nice and orange-y. Curd is so easy to make, and a lovely homemade preserve to rustle up on a wet, Sunday afternoon. I used the recipe from Kylee Newton’s The Modern Preserver.

Karl, as our designated shopper, picked up these lovely apples on Saturday. I made a crumble with some of them and will enjoy the rest in the days to come. They just look so beautiful in the red bowl too.


Finally, sitting working at home, has seen me spend a lot of time watching the chilis ripen and change colour. This was one this morning.

Green and yellow

So wherever you are, take care and look out for those little things that bring you joy in these turbulent times. What were your small pleasures of the week past? 

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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  1. Lovely apples, scones and curd. I made scones last week and froze them since we’re just two. Your orange curd has my mouth watering. 😁

    Small pleasure? It has to be the phone call from my son (who lives just 5 mins away). “Mum, will you and dad go to the living room window.” We did that and there he was with his partner and our two little grandchildren. We’re all in lockdown, but they were out for exercise. We talked for a few minutes and then they were gone. Much better than FaceTime, though our little 18-month grandson can’t understand why they can’t come in. It was a special few moments.


  2. Gosh you’re lucky to get bread delivered from the bakery, most of the shops except supermarkets are closed up here.


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