Six on Saturday 28.02.20

As I have already mentioned in other posts this week, New Zealand is in a lockdown period for 4 weeks. I am working at home, and quite busy during the day, so weekends are still gardening days…except that today it is pouring with rain. To be honest, it has been ages since we have had such a downpour, and it is much needed. I didn’t get to the garden centre before lockdown, so have no idea what will happen to my bulb plans for this year (I need bulb mix as well as bulbs). Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

A wet Saturday

The display of Japanese anemones continues to be delightful. The picture below was taken from an upstairs window, but hope you get the idea!

Flowers below

I am sitting working at home surrounded by my chilli plants, and have been monitoring them each day. Below you can see what one of them looked like on Wednesday, and two days later on Friday. I have become well acquainted with each chilli on each plant as I contemplate the work before me!

Luckily, we live close to the Botanic Gardens, so I can take short strolls to break up the day and get some fresh air, but this is also a good opportunity to take some virtual garden tours like these ones here if I get some time.

At number five, and also sitting beside me while I work, is one of my two cyclamen plants. I just love them, and might get some more when life goes back to normal.

Another indoor companion

Finally, something else to do indoors, is to actually find some time to browse this book on flower arranging, something I am pretty useless at. I love the little quote, picked up at the shop I bought the book.

And that is all from a wet Wellington for this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world, particularly at this time. Take care out there! Kia kaha.

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  1. Here too the lockdown is 4 weeks but in my opinion we can still add 2 or 3 more … Despite the rain, the 2 photos of the terrace are very beautiful and the plants superb … The chili will be soon ready to eat.
    Take care ans stay safe…

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  2. Beautiful, healthy plants as Granny’s Garden comments above. I particularly liked the little quote but my eyesight struggled with the second last word – is it ‘bestows’? A warming thought. Stay happy and enjoy!

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  3. Yes, the cyclamen! Gorgeous. I usually read your other blogs during the week, and I’m sure you’re missing your daily activities. We are staying at home too except for the supermarket and my attempt to buy seedlings yesterday, but it isn’t too bad so far. I didn’t realise you needed rain, although I know further north it has been extremely dry, so I’m glad it arrived. Lucky you, being able to walk in the Botanical gardens.


    1. Yes I am missing my daily routine. However, I can still do a Pilates class online with one of my usual teachers and as you say, our local area to walk is beautiful. Let’s hope we all get through this!


  4. Yet again it’s wonderful to see how gardens are getting along from the other side of the world. We’ve been enjoying wonderful weather this week until today.


  5. That’s a great shot of the anemones. It shows off how the foliage sets off the bloom, something I’ve not noticed looking at my own from ground level. O, your chillis are looking so fine! Nice work mates, those.


  6. Nice to see a bit more of your garden! And talking of rain, despite us having rain from September to February, with Feb being the wettest in history, I had to water my pots yesterday as they were so dry the tulips were drooping! Who would have believed it! Lucky you having the botanical garden in walking distance, but I am surprised they are open. All our public and NT gardens have been closed 😞


      1. I quite agree. Making us walk within 2 km of our homes means that in some places there can be a lot of people. There are a lot of open spaces in Cornwall that we can’t access.


  7. What fabulous chillis! Mine are just little seedlings waiting to be potted on! I’m working at home too, all set up and getting used to ‘teams’ on line meetings! Keep safe and well.


  8. Sorry your rain stopped you getting out, even though it was welcome rain. But you did manage to come up with a great set of photographs! The pots on your deck are lovey and the Japanese Anemones look great even from above! I can almost smell all that wet foliage!


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