Six on Saturday 08.02.20

I started this post in sunshine, listening to cicadas and finishing the post looking out at grey skies. A real change in the weather within a couple of hours! It was also the day we read that 18C was recorded in Antarctica, the highest ever temperature recorded there. It is the record from only a single station, but still a sign if needed another one of global warming. Anyway, not a whole lot new to report this week. I got quite a bit of tidying up done on Thursday, Waitangi Day. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

1) Weather

At number two, I now have two of the miniature sunflowers. One in full bloom, and one about to bloom. Such bright and cheerful blooms. Do please check out Wednesday’s post for more sunflower and bee pictures.

Next up, probably the last nasturtium for now? I have saved all the seeds and scattered them about…we will see what happens!

A lonely little nasturtium

I have never no luck with radishes, yet everyone says they are so easy to grow. Anyway, at last, here we have a radish at least growing about the ground. Fingers crossed.

Maybe a radish

Over to the herbs, and the marjoram has perked up a lot after being re-potted which is good to see. The curry plants and thyme are looking good, as is the basil. I picked up a purple basil at the supermarket, and just repotted it today. Let’s see what happens to it – if nothing else I have a decent amount of basil for salads for the next few days.

Finally, it is impossible to walk along the path to the steps to our house without being attacked by agapanthus. There are so many, and although beautiful, are, at least in this part of the world, just like weeds. None can be seen in the picture below, which is of the edge of the garden, and an area not easy to get to, but just shows how green it is where we live

Looking down the slope

And that is all from Wellington for this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. 

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  1. Sunflowers, I must put these on my list you grow this year. They’re wonderful. Thanks for sharing your garden again in the Six on Saturday theme. Wellington is looking wonderful. We’re about to have the most awful storm across the UK!

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  2. Interesting Six-on-Saturday, I haven’t had any success with sunflowers or nasturtiums for years. I have found an oldish packet of sunflower seeds which are having their last chance this year! (I know seeds go off but I still have some lurking at the back which are 20 years old – yes, I will throw them out if they don’t work.)

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  3. Years go by and my nasturtiums come back from time to time but I must say that the quantity is decreasing. I’ll have to add some in the garden. Very nice photos as usual

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  4. There are some lovely nasturtiums, I must buy some different ones this year, one thing I can actually grow from seed! And the sunflowers are cute. I’m not so fond of yellow flowers for some reason other than daffodils in spring and rudbeckia in autumn. That temperature is worrying!

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  5. I missed the news story about 18C in Antarctica. It’s such a worry. We’ve now had grey skies and easterly mists for a week, but whereas in the past, rain would patter down gently, we’ve had none here in southeast Tassie. At least the mainland (NSW and Queensland) have had massive dumps of rain which have the potential to put out the fires. Thank you for pics from a lovely green Wellington!

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  6. That’s beautiful colour in that nasturtium. Quite unusual. You’ve almost persuaded me to switch from gargantuan to miniature sunflowers, but not quite as yet. Yours are so beautifully sunflower perfect.


  7. love the mini sunflowers planted a few dozen around my mailbox last spring/summer and they just brought me so much delight. Keep us all updated on the radish 🙂


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