Six on Saturday

Here we are again…it’s Saturday and it’s time to report on what is going on outside. Temperatures have been pretty steady around the 17-18C mark during the day this week, but Friday saw the first proper cold snap (12C daytime). We also had quite a bit of (needed) rain during the week. Still, we have had a lot of sunshine, and today, Saturday, is a gorgeous autumn day. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, as I saw the bulbs being planted in the Botanic Gardens, I thought I would plant the rest of my bulbs this weekend. This is obviously the week to do it. Fingers crossed I get a continuous flow of flowers…or at least enjoy winter daffodils!

Bulb time

Next up, the mahonia at the side of the house is now well in bloom as you can see. There is also a small one by the steps in flower too. A lovely spot of yellow at this time of the year.

Mahonia flowering

Another update on the camellia situation as I like to call it. The bushes by the side of the steps are now in full flower, and the one outside our house is also now beginning to flower as you can see in the featured image at the top of the post.


Still on camellias, the small bush on the slope beside the house also has buds now. Bright pops of pink are appearing everywhere. There is also a white camellia further up the slope, but it’s a bit difficult to get to. I’ll keep my eye on it and hopefully get a picture in a couple of weeks.

More buds, more flowers on their way

Spotted walking up the steps up to the house during the week, this little mushroom. It really is fungi season. On a very different note, I still haven’t found the key for the garden shed. I need a day off with enough energy to tidy the laundry/boot, shoe and coat room come storage space for empty pots for that to happen!

Mushroom spotted underneath the steps

Finally, the indoor cyclamen is looking so beautiful. I love my two plants and how they just keep producing flowers. The basil plants I brought indoors are…well, they are still alive, but not looking too happy, though they are getting lots of sun sitting by the window upstairs.

So that’s it from me. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens!

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  1. Mahonia looking healthy. In my neighborhood there are some that look spectacular and others that look windswept and leggy with the sea breezes. Can’t decide if it would suit my garden.


  2. Everything looks lush and green. The camellias look lovely. Good luck with the hunt for the key.


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