Mindlessly frittering away

What is nicer than taking a day off work in the middle of the week, when everyone else is at their desks, and you have no plans? When I woke up in the morning, I decided it was going to be a lazy day rather than one spent cleaning the laundry/outdoor coats room. A morning spent drinking tea, reading and watching Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix was the order of the day. It was a beautiful morning (turned a bit dull later on, but no rain at least), so I eventually headed into town, stopping at Arty Bees’s Books for a browse before lunch.

As I was leaving home, I spotted this beautiful kereru sitting right in front of me. As I moved towards the steps, he took off and flew so low that if I hadn’t ducked, I would have experienced a very close encounter with a bird.


I dropped off some empty jars at Fix and Fogg’s peanut butter window, and picked up another jar of their Everything Butter (seeds, nuts, goodness for toast).

Fix and Fogg
Opposite Fix and Fogg

As I was walking along Leeds Street, I was suddenly taken back to childhood with the smell of beer brewing. When I was young, the smell of the breweries often filled the air in Edinburgh. This is no longer the case (I often wondered what the royal family thought when they stayed in Holyrood House, right next to a big brewery), but I was suddenly transported back to days of growing up in Edinburgh. The smell was emanating from Fortune Favours…..

Brewing beer

Lunch was smoked salmon with popped capers, watercress, bread that seemed to be like the rye bread we used to get in Denmark and a dill/horseradish cream cheese at Loretta on Cuba Street.


Oh and having watched the Netflix series…I had to buy the book…

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

That was my Wednesday….what was yours?

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  1. Sounds like a finest kind of day, as we would say in Maine. I’m nuts about nuts, and the everything nut butter sounds fantastic! As far as I know, we don’t have anything like that around here. I, too, liked “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” and learned a few things from the show. My only complaint is that it was too meat oriented.


      1. For sure! And I love her energy, kindness, and enthusiasm. A far cry from the angry chef that was popular awhile back. As for the nut butter…I’ll be dreaming.


  2. Wednesday for me was a work day, easy shift, nothing spectacular. I’m loving the fat Kereru in your photo btw


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