Wednesday Words: Breakfasts

I am quite happy to admit that breakfast is a meal I enjoy. Those first tastes of the day, the opportunity to linger (at weekends, on holiday) with that extra cup of tea, chances to eat comfort food such as toast every day if we so wish. I’m not a granola/museli type of person. Cold food in the morning is not really my thing, and cereals are usually too sweet for first thing in the morning.

I love eggs, and they are perfect for breakfast simply boiled or, if there happens to be milk in the house, scrambled. A little Kalles Kaviar* spread on rye toast underneath makes for a special breakfast. Scrambled eggs have to be done properly and be light and fluffy, so those hotel ones kept warm are just not the real thing.

Scrambled eggs on rye toast

Some mornings, we really crave comfort food, and what beats beans on mixed grain bread topped with grated cheese? A breakfast to really set up up for the day (and don’t forget some Marmite** on the toast).

Beans on toast

For high days and holidays, we turn to bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Christmas Day, New Year’s Day…Sunday morning Eurovison Song Contest (!) all deserve this treat for breakfast. Our favourite bagels come from Best Ugly bagels, especially those with poppy seeds.

Bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon

Some days all you might feel like is a little fresh butter and good jam, like this apricot one on warm, fresh toast. While I do prefer savoury breakfasts, sometimes this is what is needed.


Sometimes it is nice to have breakfast out. It is a chance to have perfectly shaped poached eggs on toast, served on buttered, chewy sourdough toast. These ones were eaten at Mavis & Co in Hamilton (or try those at Miltons Canteen in the same city which come on thick, dark rye bread toast).

Poached eggs on toast – one of my favourites

Finally….probably the best new toast topping in Wellington…ricotta and ‘sticky jam’ (a berry fruit compote) on sour dough toast. It looks beautiful, it tastes amazing, and can be found at Squirrel in Wellington.

Toast with ricotta and sticky jam

What are your favourite breakfasts? Are you a cold cereal type of person or do you miss breakfast altogether? Do you love eggs for breakfast or do you crave peanut butter and banana first thing?

*Kalles Kaviar – a Swedish delight Kalles Kaviar.

**Marmite – a rich, yeast based spread for toast, full of vitamins. Marmite (UK and New Zealand), Vegemite (Australia) is a love it or hate it product. People who hate it often make the mistake of spreading it on thick like peanut butter. It needs to be spread thinly.

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  1. Some super breakfast here!
    I have just been on a short holiday to Gdansk and had some wonderful new things to eat for breakfast 1 – waffles with a savoury topping 2 – buckwheat pancakes in a new way.
    These recipes I am just recreating and will be on my blog in the next few months – I hope you will enjoy them too.


  2. Historically I am not a great breakfast eater at all, but recent digestive health issues have lead to me changing my eating habits – so I’m learning to enjoy breakfasts regularly for the first time in my adult life, and I’m pleased to say I’m finally getting the hang of it! 🙂


  3. Wowsah! Those are some toasts. And those poached eggs! My breakfasts are far more basic—toast with butter, sometimes with seeds sprinkled on top. Also a piece of fruit, depending on what is in season.


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