Six on Saturday

It is another gorgeous sunny Saturday here in Wellington. It is definitely shorts weather, and not autumnal in the least, despite the feijoas, pears and pumpkins in the shops. Anyway, we have had rain and we have had wind this week, though you wouldn’t guess it today. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. 

First up, my old cyclamen is flowering again, after leaving it alone for a while as advised here on Six on Saturday. I could not resist this beautiful ‘pink flame’ cyclamen today when we were at the garden centre. The flowers are quite lovely, and I hope it will do well.

The old cyclamen
The new cyclamen, pink flame

I have planted most of the bulbs, but found I needed more bulb mix compost and bowls, so picked some of that up today as well.

Bulbs planted

Third up…the marigolds are still in bloom, the sage is doing well (and being used) and there are some more basil flowers, that I intend to make some more basil vinegar with as the last batch was so good.

Basil flowers

Fourth on the list, the Japanese anemones are also still looking gorgeous, as you can see below. There are lots of them in lots of little clumps all over the place.

Japanese anemones

In my weekly check around the back of the house, I reminded myself that we should try to find the key to the shed. I have no idea what is in it, probably lots of rusty tools belonging to the folk that lived here before us. I think I will have to be in the mood to investigate, should we find the key!

The mystery garden shed

Finally, Charlie, enjoying the sun. The sad looking plant behind him is a supermarket coriander, that I have repotted (since the picture) and will see if it comes to anything.


That is my six on the last Saturday in March – look forward to seeing everyone else’s gardens – particularly the spring ones in the northern hemisphere.

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  1. How can you possibly not investigate the shed? Such treasures might be found in there! I like your anemones and the beautiful blue sky above the native trees.


  2. It took several years to get Japanese anemones established in my garden in the North of England from plants taken from my uncle’s house in Wembley. Mine look beautiful in August – but mine are all white.
    I have tried buying pink ones from garden centres but they have never survived – strange!
    Yours look lovely


  3. Glad you are still having sunny days as you plant your bulbs. Do find the key and show us what’s in your mystery shed, we are all curious now.


  4. Cyclamens are one of my favorite flowers. I am impressed with how you are able to get one to bloom again. I have never been able to do so. Pretty, pretty cat! My front gardens are still buried snow. The back gardens are emerging, and hoo-boy! What an ugly sight they are.


    1. I ignored the cyclamen for a few weeks, and then it started to grow again. I was really surprised! Hope your garden re-emerges from the winter snows soon so you can enjoy it again.


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