Thoughts on Thursday: autumn

After a rather blustery couple of days, we are back to blue skies and sunshine, but I, on the other hand, am feeling lousy. Nothing more serious than the dull aches, dry throat and desire to sleep off the start of a cold, but enough for me to take a day of work, have both a morning nap and an afternoon nap, and read a book.

A detective novel and lemon and honey.

Anyway, the start of autumn is a good time to think about filling the diary with events for cooler autumn days. We’ve got tickets for a couple of comedy shows, The Proclaimers (I’m gonna be (500 miles, Sunshine on Leith etc), The Food Show, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap (which I saw in London when I was 10!), New Zealand Dance Company and…well, maybe that is enough for autumn, which also includes Easter and Anzac Day.

Moon, Thursday morning, autumn blue skies

Out and about in Wellington, the Central Library closed last week for an indefinite period due to a report showing “structural vulnerabilities which mean it may not perform well in the event of a significant earthquake”. It is a busy place, but arrangements are gradually being made for returning books and other services. I had recently started using it again regularly and am missing it already. Cuba Dupa, the street festival of music, dance, food and surprises has had to move indoors this year for security reasons. I feel for the organisers, who have been advised to do this and have made a great job sorting out indoor venues. It is a pity that some people commenting on social media are criticising them, but they had to respond to the situation in New Zealand now (see this good interview in The Spinoff).

At the moment though it is time for tea, Aber Bergen (Norwegian legal drama) and thoughts of seasonal cooking.

Light through the blinds on the steps

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Sounds as though you have a delightful autumn planned. And, I certainly hope the library opens soon. I know I would be bereft without my library, which gives me access to a wide range of art and ideas.


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