Six on Saturday

Yesterday, 49 people were shot and killed in Christchurch. The attack has shocked the nation. I am sure you have read or heard about it where you live: for once New Zealand is in the news, and not for anything good. These events always make you stop and think for a moment, and one of the best places to do this is outside in the garden. I am sure all the other Six on Saturday bloggers will agree. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. First up, a moment of reflection, looking at one of the ferns.

Time to be with plants

The Japanese Anemones continue to bloom and add a gorgeous splash of pink in amongst the green. There are several clumps of them dotted about by the side of the house.

The marigolds are still going strong, with new blooms adding a touch of colour to the pots on the terrace. A nasturtium has popped up in an unexpected pot…but will just leave it there.

More marigolds

I will need to do some trimming and replanting here, but in the meantime, the oregano and spider plant are making friends.

The rosemary that I moved to a better position is beginning to rejuvenate, including having flowers.

I missed last week as we were away for the weekend over in the Wairarapa. Two weeks ago I posted a picture of a camellia bud and here is another. I am so looking forward to seeing the blooms again.

Another picture of the camellia buds

Sorry for the brevity of today’s post, and lack of updating on the seed trough. I was out again today and my gardening will be done tomorrow!

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  1. Yesterday was a terrible day as we sat and watched events unfold on TV. Although I haven’t lived in NZ for many years, I am devastated with what has happened in my beautiful homeland, and my heart breaks for those poor people who escaped terror in their homeland only to find it again in the peaceful place in which they had chosen to settle. You’re correct about finding a little solace in a garden.

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  2. So sad to hear the terrible news out of New Zealand. A garden is a good place to reflect on these sorts of things and what can be done to counter the narrative of hate. I wouldn’t want my garden to be where I buried my head in the sand.


  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of NZ … Everyone was shocked by the events and the way the images were broadcast on social media … A comfort thanks to beautiful plants and flowers for a better weekend


  4. So awful to hear about events yesterday. Completely agree that the garden brings solace at our worst times.

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  5. Beautiful anemones. I wish our rosemary would flower once in a while! Terrible news but your right, the garden provides a bit of solice and a place for quiet reflection.


  6. Gardening is indeed a wonderful solace, and your garden is lovely. So very, very sorry about what happened. Halfway around the world, our hearts are aching for you and for all the families who are grieving. Unfortunately, in the United States, we are all too familiar with such an event.


  7. A lovely thoughtful post. Japanese anemones are so very charming and easy going and I love it that you are also showing a spider plant this week. Like you said, a garden is a good sanctuary.


  8. I like how the marigolds are still flowering, mine have finished. Yes the news in Chch – I watched it on my day off, still can’t believe it.


  9. I am late this week… when we read about tragic events such as Christchurch and the suffering of those poor families, it helps put our own lives into perspective.

    Another fine six selection. thank God for our gardens and a place to find sanctuary from the insanity that invades our daily space.


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