Six on Saturday

So here we are again, and time for Six on Saturday.  I haven’t much new to report, as I had a busy week doing other things.  The ground is so dry, and the grass is pretty brown in the Botanic Gardens. We have had the odd shower (and stormy weather), but mostly it has been sunny, and each evening I am out watering the pots of herbs. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up the marigolds and nasturtiums are still doing well, adding a lovely pop of colour out the front of the house.  

Secondly, I’m contemplating which bulbs to plant come the autumn already, and browsing catalogues and thinking what would be practical. I’m thinking miniature daffodils and grape hyacinth at the moment.


Next up, the bergamot that shrivelled up when we were in Brisbane is making a good recovery, bit by bit. Meanwhile, something is enjoying eating the sage leaves – and it isn’t me!

Bergamot recovering

Meanwhile, agapanthus is still everywhere, including this lonely one beside the house.

Still on agapanthus, I was checking around the back of the house, and looked up and saw these looking down on me. They really are everywhere.

Back of the house…looking up at the sky

Also around the back of the house, is this odd corner, where you can see the rock of the hill the house is built on (not visible in the picture). The platform really can’t be used for much, and if you felt like it, you could jump off into the bush, and clamber down to the lower terrace. It’s just another odd thing to be found around our house!

An odd, hidden corner

Finally, something I can’t take a picture of: the sounds in the garden right now. The special vocals of the tui, the call of the kaka and the noisy cicadas (the first link will take you to a link of how tui sound).

That is my six this week, look forward to seeing yours.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these bird songs. Although flowers and gardens are in the spotlight in the SoS, it’s good to talk about birds. It changes ! Don’t you think your birch is not too close to your house ? When I look at mine, I can see their diameter 25 years after planting …


  2. I always like your plants against the sky photos. And another lovely nasturtium flower. Enjoyed listening to the bird song.


    1. It’s nice seeing spring showing itself in the northern hemisphere. Spring here is not the burst of life as it is where you are, but we still look forward to kowhai (a flowering tree) and seeing the non=native trees get their leaves.


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