So that was the week…a film, a conversation and a full diary

There was no time to blog, read much or catch up with things this week. It was one of those weeks where the diary filled up with all sorts of things before one realised…

The week started with the Wellington Anniversary Holiday, and a trip to the cinema to see Green Book, a lovely film well worth seeing, starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershalla Ali. You can read more about the story here, which is based on the true story of a working-class Italian-American bouncer who becomes the driver of an African-American pianist on a tour 1960s American South.

Wednesday was one of those glorious, sunny days with bright blue skies.

Wellington Botanic Gardens

In the evening, a friend and I went to see an Evening with Nigella Lawson, a lovely evening of conversation and anecdotes about her life and food. It was interesting to hear the ‘queen of the frozen pea’ (as she was called by Nigel Slater), talk about her early cooking, how she wrote her first book, and her more recent writing. Oh and there was a little earthquake in the middle of the evening…

Friday morning lilies, seen while walking to work

And then on Thursday we had dinner (after my Pilates class) with a friend who was back in Wellington at Loretta (had the lovely wild boar ragu with pasta), and then a quick drink at the new(ish) bar and microbrewery Heyday Beer Co on Cuba Street.

And now it is the weekend…..and looking forward to having some time to read and catch up on things. How was your week?

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