Six on Saturday

Here we are again, and time for Six on Saturday. There isn’t much new this week, and the weather today is…well…a bit mixed (sun, wind, drizzle). We had rain this week for the first time in ages – much needed – and it went someway to perking up some of the greenery.

Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, some of the garden nasturtiums are flowering, with the two in the featured image at the top of the post. The seeds were mixed, hence the lovely mix of colours. The night and day nasturtiums have not done well at all, and don’t look as if they are even going to flower. Such a pity, as I was looking forward to seeing their colours.

Flowers - nasturtiums and agapanthus
One of the nasturtiums

Next, more agapanthus. To show just how many there are around at the moment, the first picture below, taken on my walk to work, shows just a few of the ones found in Bolton Street Memorial Park.

Agapanthus in Bolton Street Memorial Park
Agapanthus next to our steps
And one in the back yard

I am so pleased the basil is doing well. I’ve been bringing it indoors if I think the weather is going to be bad, putting it outside in the sun, and all three plants seem to be doing well, and providing leaves to pair with this season’s tomatoes.

The red basil

And now a question. Has anybody had any experience of using self-contained raised garden beds such as these Vegepods? We don’t have anywhere we can grow vegetables, and I was looking at these in the garden centre recently. Any opinions on these or similar?

Next up, the poor bay tree, stuck away in a shady spot with little sun, in a pot too heavy to move. Well, too heavy on my own, and I would need to know exactly where to move it to. Next week’s plan!

A sad bay tree

Around the same side of the house as the bay, we have a whole bank of rosemary. In fact, rosemary is a plant that grows really well in Wellington, and can be seen all over the place. I keep forgetting it is there, but used some of it today to make some flavoured olive oil.


So that is it for today. Monday is a holiday – Wellington Memorial Day – so let’s hope for some good, sunny weather!

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  1. I’ve never noticed how exotic looking the nasturtium flower is until now. Good luck with the bay tree moving.


  2. I’ve never seen anything like that for sale here but if it was I’d probably buy one if the price was not prohibitive. there are commercial growers here (vitacress). And all their beds are raised and look like the system they use is hydroponics. I have thought about trying that method for strawberries. BTW do you eat your e nasturtiums


    1. The small one I saw in the shop wasn’t too bad. I might do some more investigating. I would eat the nasturtiums but not sure my husband would (but would he know if they were hidden in a salad?).


  3. It’s great to be able to see someone who has nasturtiums in flower, when I’m looking out of the window at a grey dreary British winter’s day! I like the idea of mixed seeds, instead of them all being the same colour – it makes them look more natural when they’re in flower.

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  4. Those are fantastic looking agapanthus. So healthy! And your basil does look delicious. There’s nothing nicer than tomatoes with basil, except maybe with added mozzarella. 😉


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