The high point of the season

One of the best things about eating in summer is the piles of berries…strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, blackberries….though I do miss gooseberries, with their tart taste that make the perfect crumble or gooseberry fool.

This year we have enjoyed so many good berry treats, such as simple bowls of our favourites: raspberries (me) and blueberries (Karl). We have also enjoyed watching the brambles, escaping through a neighbour’s fence. Here is the latest batch just about to ripen.

Brambles ripening through the fence
Ripening brambles

I love raspberries and blueberries on their own, but berries are so perfect paired with cake, Swedish curd cake (look out for this again in a forthcoming post) or with a little thick, Greek or other yoghurt (my current favourite is Thorvald sheep milk yoghurt).

Blackberries with tiger or marble cake
Tiger cake or marble cake and blackberries

Swedish curd cake (ostkaka) is made with cottage cheese and almonds, and is an absolute delight. So much lighter than cheesecake, and yet so indulgent. I need to do a whole post dedicated to this dessert, but in the meantime, here is a glimpse. It has to be eaten with berries, and is one of the best desserts ever for summer eating.

Curd cake recipe
The delight that is Swedish curd cake…*
Curd cake and raspberries
Curd cake and raspberries
Curd cake and boysenberries
Curdcake and boysenberries

But for now let us enjoy this short season, and wait and see if this branch of brambles will ripen, and steal one or two.

More brambles

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*Recipe picture from Bronte Aurell ScandiKitchen Summer


  1. Oh yes, I’ve seen alot of people buying berries, pity they are so expensive but they are so yummy.


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